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How to Apply for Work and Holiday Visa under subclass (462) for Australia?

How to Apply for Work and Holiday Visa under subclass (462) for Australia?

Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462): Australia has become a favorite choice among all international students and experienced personnel. Work and Holiday visa is established. This visa provides the best opportunity for young adults to work and live in Australia. Moreover, you can hire migration agents in Brisbane to get adequate knowledge of Work & Holiday Visa. What do you mean by Work & Holiday Visa? Typically, a work & holiday visa in Australia is a resident permit visa that allows several travellers to undertake employment opportunities.  Most of the work & holiday visa is issued under a reciprocal bond. Different Types of Work and Holiday Visa. According to the requirements, there are three basic types of Work & Holiday Visa:
  • First Work and Holiday Visa
This type of visa under subclass of 462 is very beneficial for the young generation people. The first work & holiday visa allow people aged under 18 to 30 years old to have expanded holiday packages in Australia and more importantly work here to fund their trip. What Tasks You can Perform with the visa? If you are holding an Australian Working Holiday visa, you can do the following tasks:
  • You can do any short-term work in Australia to pay for your holiday.
  • Can do 4-5 months of study from a well-recognized institution.
  • Roam Australia many times
  • Do an additional 3 months of 462 subclass work to meet the eligibility criteria of second work & holiday visa.
Duration of Stay Well, this is a temporary type of visa, the overall duration of stay under this category is 12 months. After that, the time duration doesn’t extend. Moreover, leave and enter Australia many times within the mentioned time slot. Overall Cost & Processing time of Applying to First Working Holiday Visa. The cost will be 485 Australian Dollar and the overall processing time for this visa is 39-40 days.
  • Second Work and Holiday Visa
In this visa, individuals can work & live effectively in Australia if they have held the First Working Holiday visa. The age group is the same as in the First work visa. Eligibility Criteria for Second Work & Holiday Visa
  • You must have a valid passport
  • Do any type of work during visa duration
  • You must complete 3 months of specified subclass work while having the first visa
  • Meet the eligibility or basic requirements to get third work & holiday visa
Duration of Living The duration of living is quite similar to the First work visa i.e. One year Cost The cost of this visa category is also the same i.e.485 AUD.
  • Third Work and Holiday Visa
The third working visa has a significant role in Immigration. To apply for it, you should hold two subclass visas in Australia. Must have a passport from an eligible nation. The candidate should undertake the 6 months of specified work experience.

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