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Why is the Australian Skilled work regional visa program delayed in NSW?

Why is the Australian Skilled work regional visa program delayed in NSW?

Skilled work regional visaThis new regional visa program was launched by the Australian Government in November 2019. In case, you are planning to apply for the visa and are wondering what needs to be done then you should contact our Migration Agents in Brisbane to get accurate information. Pathways to new regional visaWith this new regional visa program, actors, pilots, nurses, farmers, archaeologists, and carpenters are the eligible workers. This new visa program was introduced so that the population pressure is eased in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. By doing this, the population can be boosted in the community and the access to skilled workers will be increased. It has been around 5 months since the new visa came into existence but still the applications are not opened.On the official website of the NSW government, they have mentioned that “Currently there has been a delay in the NSW program opening. The announcement of the NSW applications will be opened shortly. At this point, further information through email or phone cannot be given at this time.” Offshore applicants are waiting eagerlyAccording to our migration agents, the offshore applicants are waiting for the NSW skilled visa program to start. Unfortunately, the applicants who are living in the VIctoria or other parts cannot apply for this visa. This is because the visa program is restricted to the applicants who are studying, working, or living in the NSW regional area and for the offshore applicants. To our migration agents, a lot of queries come from offshore regarding the NSW program to start and accept the application. What is the reason for the delay?According to experienced migration agents, it is believed that the program is delayed due to the structural changes. The regional certifying bodies in New South Wales were handling the regional 489 visas. But now, the 491 visas are going to be handled by the New South Wales government and the applications will be made directly to the NSW treasury. It might be possible they are working on managing these changes due to which the program got delayed. What is this visa all about?The subclass 491: Skilled Work Regional visa (Provisional) will help the eligible skilled workers along with their families to live, work and study for 5 years in designated regional areas in Australia.The applicants with this visa are also eligible to apply for the PR but after 3 years. In this case, they need to be nominated by the Australian territory or state government, by family members residing in the regional area, or government agency. To start the process, there is a need to submit the EOI (Expression of Interest) in skill select.

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