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Are you wondering who can assist you with your Australian visa application?

Are you wondering who can assist you with your Australian visa application?

Education Embassy Brisbane: Are you planning to lodge a visa application in Australia? If yes, then you have to use a registered migration agent. Registered migration agents in Brisbane will surely help you in your visa process.

These also provide you with up-to-date information along with current laws and procedures too. They additionally assist you in below-mentioned things-:

  • Only a registered agent will assist you to prepare a visa application.

  • He also provides you with proper information about your application

  • He also helps you in preparing a document from the sponsor’s side too. He also advises your sponsor about visa application preparation.

  • Preparing for hearings, or defending someone in those cases before a merits appeal tribunal such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunals.

  • He also assists you to prepare a request for the Minister to exercise certain powers in relation to a visa application under the Migration Act.

  • Apart from these, he is also valuable for fast-track processing of application processing.

  • He also guarantees you a visa.

Find a registered migration agent

  • If you want professional assistance in your application, then you must use an agent registered with the Office of Registration of Migration Agents (OMARA).

  • You have to use a licensed migration agent if you don’t feel confident in submitting an application, or if your case is complicated.

  • They are the only people allowed to provide immigration assistance at a fee.

For this, you must use the list of all the registered agents at OMARA. You can also find the names and numbers of those registered agents too who are working outside of Australia.

They tell immigration you are using a registered migration agent

  • If you hire a registered migration agent for your application, then he will surely tell immigration about you and your application too.

  • He also converses with them on your behalf.

If you hire a registered migration agent, then immigration directly to talk migration agent. They directly discuss everything with an agent if they find the need. Or if they need any type of additional information about your application, then they directly seek from your agent. Immigration directly sends all the necessary emails to your agent about your visa application.

Give accurate information

No matter, whether you are using a migration agent, you have to provide accurate information to immigration, so that you can get a visa easily. If you provide any false or misleading information, then you may get visa refusal.

Reporting problems with migration agents

If you find your migration agent is not working properly on your visa application, then you can simply fire a complaint against him to the Office of the MARA. There is no need to take unnecessary tension about migration agents. MARA will surely help you to get your money back.

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