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Which Papers are required for a de-facto partner in Australia?

Which Papers are required for a de-facto partner in Australia?

The Australian Immigration has made it possible to recognize the de-facto relation for Australian PR. The couples with a live-in relationship can get into Australia if the de-facto partner has applied for the Australian PR visa. Read the given topic, to learn which papers are needed for the de-facto partner.

How can I prove I am in a de-facto relationship to the Australian Department of Home Affairs?

The de-facto relationship comes out due to certain circumstances. This is why the Department of Home Affairs has laid some rules to determine whether you are a couple living in a de-facto relationship or not. Some of the points which are considered include:
  • Checking whether you and your partner are in an active marriage with some other person.
  • Checking financial dependency.
  • The couple should be committed to living with each other.
  • The relationship should be accepted socially.
  • The relationship length should be more than 2 years.
  • The relationship should be registered in the Australian territory or state.
  • Have property and use it jointly.
  • Understanding whether the relationship involves physical intimacy.
Make sure, you contact the migration agent to have a proper understanding of how to apply for the visa. Our migration agent fee is also affordable and he will give all the reliable information to increase the chances of visa approval.

What exactly is a de-facto relationship?

The de-facto relationship allows you to invite the de-facto partner to Australia. By doing so, he or she can enjoy the unconditional privileges of the Australian PR. With this visa type, you have the opportunity to get the Australian Migration from India. Like with every visa type, you need to fulfill the requirements or the de-facto partner criteria which your migration consultant will tell you about. Additional benefits of this visa include:
  • With a de-facto visa, the applicant gets to work and live in Australia for an indefinite time.
  • Get the opportunity to apply for citizenship.
  • Get access to Medicare coverage and insurance facilities.
  • Your children will get free education through government funds.
  • Till the time visa remains valid, you can travel to and from Australia.
  • Get to sponsor the eligible relative to come to Australia.

How is it beneficial to include a de-facto partner for Australian PR?

In the past, if you failed to get the Australian immigration due to insufficient eligibility scores, then you have the perfect option to do this with a skilled or de-facto partner by including it in the application. From the immigration perspective, if the de-facto partner has the required skills, then it is a perfect option for you. To make sure everything is done legally and following the Australian Immigration laws, contact our team. We will go through the entire process of application processing with you.

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