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Which Australian visa allows my parents to come for a long visit?

Which Australian visa allows my parents to come for a long visit?


If you are thinking of applying for the visa then make sure to get in touch with the migration agents in Brisbane. In this blog, we are going to discuss the specific visa in detail.

Is it possible for my parents to come for a long visit?

The department has finally passed the legislation which allows the dedicated visitor parent visa to allow the parents to come for a longer visit. This visa type is newly introduced: Subclass 870- Sponsored Parent Temporary visa.

For the non-Australian parents, this visa allows for the renewal for 3 to 5 years. This visa makes the best option for the normal visitor stream which allows for 12 months visits per stay.

What is the Subclass 870 visa?

The first visa was announced on 5th May 2017. Only on 17th April 2019, the government announced that the Australian can start sponsoring the parents with the actual visa stream which has opened from 1st July 2019.

Currently, offshore applications are allowed and it is not known how much time it will take to process the applications. The program, in the first year, will have the allocation of around 15000 visas. Balance of family test is not required which makes it easily accessible as compared to any other parent visa.

Two applications process

A sponsorship application needs to be lodged first before the visa application for the parent. The cost is $420 and it is open for lodgement. Only 2 parents per each household can be sponsored at one time. You are allowed to sponsor one or both of the parents, one of the parents-in-law, one of your parents, or one or both of the parents-in-law. The eligibility requirement for the visa includes:

Additional requirements are mentioned below:

What is the income test?

You need to pass the income test so that you can sponsor your parents. Under the current rules, you need to have a minimum taxable income of $83 454.80. Being the sponsor you need a minimum of $41,727.40 of the original amount which is 50%.

It is opened from 1st July 2019 and the parents need to be outside of Australia while they lodge for the application. Before lodging the application they need to be offshore for at least 90 days.

Eligibility requirement

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