What Time is best suited for Reapplying a visa after Rejection? Facts You don’t know yet.

What Time is best suited for Reapplying a visa after Rejection? Facts You don’t know yet.

What Time is best suited for Reapplying a visa after Rejection?

Nowadays, the trend of travelling abroad is increased. Every person trying their best efforts to get a visa for any foreign countries such as Australia, Newzealand, UK, and Canada. In today’s date, Australia has become the most reliable & best destination for both Visitors, International students, and Skilled workers after Canada. Due to this, the demand for a Visitor visa, Study visa and Openwork permit visa is getting higher in the market. If you have any problem regarding your file then you can consult with the best Migration agents in Brisbane as they provide you with the updated information regarding visa & its types. What processes a person does after a Visa Refusal? When a person is getting a visa refusal or denial, there is no option left for him to submit a new file to the Embassy or Immigration. There is no limited time for applying for a visa after refusal, it’s all up to you. If you really wanna re-apply for a tourist visa, here are some of the important facts that you must remember: Need a Visa after refusal Countries like the United States allow their citizens to travel there without a visa. It depends on you and your country that they have issued a tourist visa or not. Foreign citizens except India may require an ETA i.e. Electronic Travel Authorization visa to enter Canada. Some several important steps or guidelines can help you to check out which kind of visa you will require to visit any foreign country. Main Purpose of Your Tour In general, temporary visitors to Australia come under the category of the Visitor Visa. The application process may be different for different types of Visas. Some of them are explained below: Apply as a Tourist: After a visa rejection of Australia, you can re-apply or submit your file as a tourist visa. As per the government norms, a candidate must have the following details-
  • Authorized or Valid passport
  • Good health 
  • No criminal charge on the candidate
  • Easily convince your officer that you will leave this country immediately after the end of my visa.
  • Convey proper details regarding yourself, your family as well as your job.
  • Having enough amount of money for living.
Secondly, you have to re-apply as a Businessperson in which the candidate visits there for Investment programs. Following documents You should have:
  • Invitation or Offer letter from your business partner in Australia
  • A candidate should have proper contact details of that business partner
  • Adequate Employment proof

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