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What To Expect in 2019: Australian VISA Changes

What To Expect in 2019: Australian VISA Changes

Australian visa policies are changing. The change may be applicable to all the categories of visa application such as partner, parent, child and employment visas. The legislation has already been passed and the implementation may be just around the corner. The bill was actually passed in December 2018. The bill is known as The Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill.  Although the entire details are not variable, it could mean sponsor approval before the application. Get Australia VISA after considering the following changes in the criteria. It will be appropriate to get in touch with a migration consultant for the same.

Reduction in the Numbers of PR

The Australian population is complaining about the rush they are seeing at every nook and corner. It seems the place is already overpopulated. The PM is set to reduce the number of PR visas being granted. Last year, the figure stood at 190,000. This year,  it seems to be difficult to attain this much. It’s obvious, they are getting weary of managing so much population.

Tax Matching

It has been found that many sponsors are not paying their employees properly. This discrepancy is going to be officially metered by matching the tax records of visa holders and the data with the Australian Tax Office. It will also be helpful in detecting whether the employees are complying with their Australian visa conditions. Anyone who is not complying is liable to have his visa canceled.

Australian Working Holiday Visa Changes

For the Working Holiday Visa, the age of eligibility is now 35 for certain people like those of Irish descent. It will open up the scheme for a lot of many people. There is also a  change in the duration of stay allowed with the same agricultural employer. Previously it used to be six months. It has now been extended to a year.

Australian visa changes regarding Regional Areas

While the cities are getting overpopulated, the rural areas are still in want of more people. This calls for more migrant flow to such areas. It calls for the movement of skilled workers to regional areas. It may lead to something to the effect of fast track visa agreements for locals to sponsor workers. The regions of Victoria and Northern Territory are seeking such migration. So you can expect more probability of making it in these regions instead of the Australian cities.

AAT Wait

If you have applied under the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), then you will have to wait for a long time. The tribunal is already overburdened with 60,000 cases as compared to just 22000 cases in 2015. AAT adopts a targeted approach and gives priority to certain types of applications so your wait could be longer still.

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