What to do when you face a Visa Rejection

What to do when you face a Visa Rejection

So if you want to visit or migrate to Australia, you have scoured the right website in order to get the right visa. Here are some tips from our registered migration expert Mr Sourabh Aggarwal, on what to do when you face a visa rejection.

Try to understand why your visa has been rejected or refused-

The first thing, one needs to do is try and understand why the visa application has been rejected. We need to find the main reason behind the refusal. Reasons may vary in number, there can be a single reason and multiple reasons too. If you are going to reply to the letter, you need to understand the cause behind it, in depth.

Collect all the information you had missed adding earlier-

Analyse your previous visa application carefully, focus on the areas that lack complete information about you. Gather all the required shreds of evidence. This time work with a little more caring attitude. Shape things perfectly, make it happen this time.

Make sure you are eligible for the visa before you apply-

One thing you need to make sure of is that you meet all the eligibility criteria, only that way you will be meeting the further process, so make it all clear before applying for the visa again. Meeting all eligibility criterion is a must.

Always look for a certified Australian immigration agent-

Well because your visa has been rejected earlier, there are high chances of refusal again. So it becomes equally important to hire a trustworthy visa agency like Education Embassy, we have strong roots because we know what we are doing. During the first meeting with our registered immigration agent, he suggests you the best visa options available for you. If you want to work with us, all the heavy lifting will be done for you. We review all the paperwork, we create and submit your application, we do all the follow-ups.

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