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What To Do When You Are Looking for Student Visa Extension?

What To Do When You Are Looking for Student Visa Extension?


Student visa extension is required to be done if your visa is getting expired before completion of the course. There are many reasons for the visa extension due including reduced study load, course deferment, and failed subjects, enrolling for a new subject, or more research application period.

What Are Required To Extend My Student Visa?

  • Confirmation Of Enrolment
  • Required English Language
  • Health Evidence OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)
  • Medical Examination
  • Required Financial Status
Based on the country and education provider, there are possibilities you may have to get done with documentation. Student extension Visas are generally the same for but there may be a different process for an initial student visa for students from different locations.

Extend Your Student Visas In Australia

To continue your study in Australia, you will have to go through the visa application process. You are required to start the process 3-4 months before your visa expires. For applicants applying within Australia, they will be granted Bridging Visa A (BVA) and after this, you are allowed to live in Australia lawfully when your visa is processed and will effect even after the current student visa expires. But, applicants outside Australia have to wait till the time their visa application is approved before re-entering Australia.

Required Documentation For Student Visa Extension

Before applying for the understudy visa, you have to gather some important documents including:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Personal Documents
  • Passport Identity Page
  • National Identity Card
  • Records from household registration
  • Policy Number Of OSHC
  • HAP ID number
  • Proofs For Financial Status
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) codes
  • A CV ( Issued by local authorities)
You need to attach your CoE along with your new course/existing course for the study visa. This is necessary for the understanding of the authorities to know about the duration of the course. This can be done by using the documents checklist tool if done by yourself or you can also take guidance from an experienced migrant agent near you.

Health Examinations and OSHC

This is the utmost document and better says evidence when you are applying for the study visa extension or new student application in Australia. The government of Australia focuses on the health of everyone residing in the country whether their citizens or they are visitors. If your health insurance is about to expire, then make sure you renew that before applying for the visa.

Make sure you get done with the necessary health checkups recently. You can also use the health declaration to check which health examinations need to be done by you before applying. You will also find some approved doctor’s panels and clinics that will offer you HAP IP and referral letters in Australia. With this approval letter, doctors will get to know the immigration perspective and they get done the health assessment accordingly.

Financial Proof

This is based on your visa category and country assessment, you need to submit the proofs to continue your study in Australia to show your financial status including:

  • Annual Income Evidence – If you want to enroll in a long or short course for a study program, then have to declare the annual income with proof required for granting of student visas like your sponsor, parent, spouse’s income, or your income which should be from AUD 60,000.
  • Yearly Months Fund – This option is for the applicants who want an extra year or more of study. For this purpose, the evidence for funds is required to submit to ensure your stay, tuition fees, and your daily expenses for at least 12 months in Australia. You need to also submit your travel schedule for the flight back home approx $1000-$2000, for living expenses approx AUD 20,000- AUD 21,000 along with tuition fees for at least 12 months.


When you are seeking a visa extension for your study visa in Australia, then you need to be sure about the documentation and formalities. For your ease, the above-mentioned dare the required process and documents which you need to arrange before granting the visa. You can get the work done by yourself, but due to the important documents attached, this might be a complex process that can be handled by a registered migration agent. Education embassy is a leading name in Australia’s top migration agent helping many people around the world to get visas they are seeking for. We are MARA registered agents working hard to get your visa application approved. For more details, you can contact us today.

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