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What services can you expect from the migration agents for visa approval?

What services can you expect from the migration agents for visa approval?

In this blog, we are going to explain to you in detail the different services you can get from migration agents in Brisbane.
  • Get assistance on different options
Registered migration agents have a detailed understanding of migration law and procedures. The migration agent gives you an honest assessment of your condition and tells you different visa options that are best for you. The agent can give you detailed information, only when you provide them with detailed information on what to do. Once you have selected the best visa option, the agent will confirm to you in writing what is the best option.
  • Sign the contract and get to know about fees
Once you have selected the agent, they will give you everything in writing with the details of all the services you will be given and how much they are going to charge. The contract will list the visa type you are going to apply for. Additionally, the contract will have the fees you will be charged for the service you will get. The agent will also include all the services you need to pay for like:
  • Department of Home Affairs application fee
  • Costs for medical assessment
  • Costs for skills assessment
  • Migration and Refugee Division application fee of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
The contract is going to tell you how you need to pay and when you need to pay the money. You must read the contract carefully before you agree and sign it. Once everything is done you have become their client.  Code of conduct The migration needs to follow the code of conduct for the registered migration agents. The migration agent needs to meet the necessary obligations which are present in the code. Get understanding of consumer guide When the contract is signed, the agent will give you a copy of the consumer guide. This guide includes the code summary, what service you can get from the agent, what you need to do if you find an issue, and what duties are performed by the migration agents registration authority. Migration agent and client relationship The migration agent is working for you, but they need help to get the work done correctly. You need to cooperate with the agent and make sure to give them all the answers to their questions. Giving them all the information will make it easier for you to decide about the correct visa type. Once the application is lodged, the migration agent will give you information along with a specific date. If the desired documents are not submitted on time, then it leads to visa refusal. So, make sure to respond to the migration agent quickly and submit all the necessary documents. Progress reports The registered migration agent will tell you about the progress report of the application. Some applications take longer to process, so sometimes the agent might tell you things later.

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