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What Are the Possibilities for Traveling on Bridging Visa Australia?

What Are the Possibilities for Traveling on Bridging Visa Australia?

A bridging visa is a temporary visa that is granted for special circumstances. When you are granted the bridging visa, then it will give you chance to stay in Australia lawfully by the time your immigration status is resolved. The type of bridging visa you will get is based on your circumstances and application requirements.

What Is BVB And How Can You Prove Your Eligibility?

You can stay in Australia lawfully with a bridging visa and can leave and re-enter Australia only after getting Bridging Visa B by the time you are waiting for the immigration decision. You can check your eligibility if you have:

What is BVB and How Can It Serve Your Purpose?

As it is known that with BVB, an applicant can be eligible to be in Australia when the substantive visa application is under process or when you are waiting for the merits or judicial review. It includes your definite travel period. While holding the visa, you are allowed to leave Australia and re-enter in that specific travel period. When you are in Australia and the travel period ends and you wanted to go out of Australia for a certain time, then can proceed with another BVB.

When You Can Travel With BVB?

BVB are granted to specific travel period and with the same visa, you can leave and re-enter Australia. While determining the BVB travel period, one should consider what is the reason for travel and what is the decision for the substantive visa application. When you apply for BVB, you need to submit proof of the travel reason outside Australia. You need to also submit you intend to travel to the place. After you will grant with visa, it has mentioned the definitive travel periods of the BVB. The travel period can’t be changed once the BVB travel period is granted.

When You Can Apply for A BVB?

You need to look through the circumstances before applying for the BVB. You can only apply and will be granted the BVB visa when in Australia. When immigration is considering the visa application for BVB, you need to be ready with the prior documents to avoid any delay in the process. You can apply for a BVB for 2 weeks to 3 months before you want to travel.

What if Your Substantive Visa is Still Valid?

You can have a substantive visa and BVB at the same time. If you are holding the substantive visa it will help to let you leave Australia and allow you to return, but be sure you return to Australia before expiring. You can also choose to apply for BVB and wait for granting before traveling. By the time you return to Australia within the BVB travel period, you can stay in Australia on the BVB and wait for the decision on the visa application.

What If, When Your Travel Period Ended?

You will notify of the specific travel period of the BVB in the Visa grant notice once the visa is granted. You are not allowed to re-enter Australia on BVB after the travel period ended. If you are not in Australia when the travel period ends, then you can apply for another visa to re-enter Australia. Apply for the BVB, if the travel period ends and you are in Australia and wanted to travel outside.

What if, BVB Ends?

In case, your BVB ends, then you can ask for:

These are the considerable points helpful when looking for a bridging visa. In case of any doubt, you can seek expert advice from Brisbane’s leading migration agents education embassy for further information call us today!

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