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What are the options you have if your student visa is going to be expired?

What are the options you have if your student visa is going to be expired?

A number of Australian student visas will expire as March 2020 progresses. So, what’s going to be done? What prospects are the best? If you’re one of them, then you need to get help from our Migration Agents in Brisbane. They write this article just for you, so you must read this post.

You will take the next move if a student visa expires in the coming months. You will prolong your stay in the country after graduation, depending on your study path, profession, and relationship status. 

Below are some of the better choices.

482 Visa application

You can apply for a Temporary Skill Shortage (482) visa if you’re employed and your boss is able to sponsor you. If your work is included in the list of short term and medium-term skilled occupations in Australia you can apply for this visa.

You can get an edge for visa approval with previous experience. Your boss will be a licensed partner or he is going to sponsor though. The contractor shall obtain the consent of the regular company supporter if they do not. Only then will they appoint you for their role. It needs 28 days at least. You will then automatically submit a query.

Application for a Graduate visa

A temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) may also be applied. It has two flows:

  • Graduate Work Stream

  • Post Study Work Stream

Depending on your qualifications, the visa time for which you can apply. You can earn a two-year visa because you have a bachelor’s degree. With a four-year visa, a Ph.D. applicant may receive it. A language proficiency test is required for most applications. Your profession must not be listed on the list of the Skilled Occupation List.

Partner Visa Request

Throughout Australia, certain students can choose a companion with a permanent citizen or a country nationality. Students may seek a partner visa in these circumstances. You have to search for your right to this visa using a partner visa checklist and eligibility requirements from a licensed migration agent. You may register as a dependent while your spouse has a visa, such as temporary visas, training visas, or others. If the application for PR from your partner is pending, you can add a residence visa to the application.

Permanent Residency Application

Any foreign students or graduates are eligible to apply to the General skilled Migration visa for permanent residency. You have to send a variety of papers along with the application to receive permission for this visa. It also takes 12 weeks or longer to obtain the visa. You can have to leave Australia if you can not obtain a visa clearance until your student visa expires. We recommend you apply for a 485 visa category if you are limited in time. After this, the General skilled Migration visa would require you to seek a permanent residency visa.

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