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What are the myths people have about immigration agents and education consultants?

What are the myths people have about immigration agents and education consultants?

There are many rumours spread in the market about the migration agent. Some people end up lodging the visa on their own due to myths and leads to rejection of the visa. You want to know why because of insufficient knowledge regarding the whole process. People are also scared of hiring because of fraudulent activities and scam. It is normal to receive no in the answer if you suggest they hire a migration agent. In this blog, we are going to discuss some myths of the people regarding hiring a migration agents.
  • Frauds! Only want money.
People often say that migration agents are frauds. They are only interested in money instead of doing the work effectively and efficiently. We will take help from known people but not from the professionals. If you want to check whether the immigration agent is trustworthy or not. Remember the experts will always be registered with mara i.e Migration Agents Registration Authority. You need a professional to lodge an application because the Australian migration process is complex and your little mistake will lead to non-approval of your visa.
  • What is special in them?
The other myth is anyone can file an application then why should we hire an agent only? You want to select an agent or not is totally up to you. Remember there is no space for delaying in applying or silly mistakes. The agents will be having legal knowledge as well as they will be updated with the rules and regulations. So the risk of approval of your visa increases.
  • They are career counsellors
People think they are only a career counsellor and nothing more than that. The immigration agent and education consultant gives you choices and understands your favourite areas and tells you courses according to your choices but there is much more than this. They will ask you about your future plans, whether you want PR or not and then you about the courses Australian universities and colleges are providing and that is there in the PR course list for that year or not. They also observe your skills and whether it fits in the areas where there is a shortage of people in Australia. There are a lot of takes in the whole process.
  • They care about migration, not education
The other myth which people believed is that the migration agents are sitting and selling his business by promoting various courses of his choice. But no this is false. He makes the student aware of the courses which are beneficial for the individual.
  • You don’t need agent after getting the visa
This is the myth which is believed by most of the people which is not true at all. The whole process of migration agents involves the arrangements of accommodation, applying for the tax file number, opening a bank account in the country, medicare and so on. The migration agent will help you in doing all the things without any trouble.

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