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What are the most popular scholarships for international students in brisbane?

What are the most popular scholarships for international students in brisbane?

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Edith Cowan University (ECU)International Undergraduate ScholarshipThe international students who are planning to opt for a bachelor’s degree at ECU can get benefits through the International Undergraduate Scholarship. This scholarship is going to reduce the tuition fee by 20% for your course duration. International students from eligible countries can enroll in a bachelor’s degree.Australian Alumni International ScholarshipThe Australian Alumni International Scholarship is beneficial for international students who are planning to study in Australia. Students from all nationalities can get qualified in this Australian education program. This scholarship provides the student with a 20% reduction in fees for their 2 academic semesters.International Masters ScholarshipThe international master’s scholarship is given to students from selected countries who are going to opt for a master’s degree. The scholarship will reduce your tuition fees by 20% in the first year of the selected course.Is there a need for any application?If you are planning to apply for the scholarship at ECU then there is no need to apply for a separate application. Students who have submitted the application course and those who have received the letter will automatically be granted the scholarship where needed.Murdoch UniversityInternational Welcome Scholarship (for offshore students)This scholarship allows for full-fee paying and the students who are going to apply for the course in 2020 to 2024 can get benefit from it. The students outside of Australia need to apply to the university. The discount for this scholarship is $12,000 on the total tuition fee. With each semester the installments are going to be deducted.Vocational Education and TrainingPrivate education providers provide students a discount on more than one course. Students can also be given incentives in the form of $1,000 off for the application or the enrollment, material fees, or some resources which are included in the promotion. Some scholarships are given to the students depending on the location, application submission – Offshore or Onshore, a passport from which country, or the study plan they have opted for. It is rare to get fully funded scholarships.If you are wondering what you need to do then you can get in touch with our migration agents to make the right choice.Other scholarships
  • Family
Students who have half-siblings, sibling, child, or parent who completed the degree at university are eligible to apply for the scholarship. It is important to submit all the relevant documents with their relatives and studies which they have done.
  • Alumni
Some providers give the scholarship to the applicants who have completed the degree previously, just as a reward program.
  • Merit-based
Students who have scored well in the course are given the reward as a fee reduction. Every university has its own requirements on what terms & conditions they will make the candidate eligible and who is qualified for this.

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