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What are the most common FAQs on visa modifications by the Morrison Government?

What are the most common FAQs on visa modifications by the Morrison Government?

IntroductionInternational students are lucky with the recent visa changes introduced by the Morrison Government. However, some students have doubts in their minds regarding the changes. To give you more clarity our migration agents in Brisbane are going to discuss the frequently asked questions in this topic.
  • Are the visa changes applicable to international students outside Australia?
Due to COVID-19, the offshore application was on hold and traveling was not allowed. But now the government has announced that visa application processing will start for international students also. However, if the visa is granted, they need to wait to come to Australia until the travel ban is lifted.
  • Will the student visa application fees be waived for international students?
Many international student visas are expiring in August and September. Although, the government has not given clarity on whether the offshore international students will be eligible for a student visa application fee. For the students whose studies have been impacted by the pandemic, their application fee will be waived off.However, more information needs to be given by the government and we will keep you updated.
  • What is the criteria for the students impacted by a pandemic to get a student fee waiver?
Students can obtain the student visa application fee waiver and for that following criteria needs to be followed:
  • Giving evidence from the education provider that their study has been impacted by pandemic. Once you submit the evidence, your visa application will be processed by the immigration office.
  • The student can get the letter from their educational provider which says that their course was delayed due to pandemic. It should also mention the student will complete their studies within 6 months or one year. To get the eligibility for student visa application fee waiver, no personal reason will be accepted.
  • For international students who have been granted their student visa offshore, will their online studies back home be counted as Australian study requirements?
There is good news for the students who are studying online and they are outside Australia. Whether you have completed studies online and outside Australia is going to be included in the 2-year requirement of study visa. Fortunately, international students can also apply for a temporary graduate visa.
  • Can graduate students apply for Subclass 485 visa offshore who are in their home country?
Currently, students are not allowed to apply for the Temporary Graduate visa offshore. But, the government has made some changes to this. If the student is offshore and completed their course, they can apply for the subclass 485. They can travel to Australia with a 485 visa, once the travel ban is lifted.

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