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What are the different and essential steps to become an Australian Citizen?

What are the different and essential steps to become an Australian Citizen?

Education Embassy Brisbane: If you are struggling to become an Australian citizen, then you need to go through some steps.

Steps to become an Australian citizen

  • Check Your Eligibility

  • Prepare Your Supporting Documents

  • Make Copies

  • Complete your Application Form

  • Submit Application

  • Attend your Appointment & Sit for the Citizenship Test

  • Attend the Citizenship Ceremony

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Check Your Eligibility

This is the main step of Australian citizenship, that you need to check your eligibility criteria first and then go ahead.

The basic requirements for Australian Citizenship include-:

  • You need to meet the health and character requirements

  • You have to show that you are residing in Australia from the past 4 years and you have permanent residency in Australia.

  • Language proficiency is necessary

  • You have to show integration into the Australian community.

Prepare the Supporting Documents

After checking the eligibility criteria, you need to prepare the requirements and valid documents, that are helpful to become a citizen of Australia. There are some proofs or evidence that you have to show such as-:

  • You need to show your Identities such as driver’s license, passport or any other national identity card.

  • You must show them your Residency proof in Australia like gas, electricity, and water bills. And you also have to show the lease or rental contract of your resident. If you buy it, then you must show the papers.

  • Evidence of Date of birth.

  • Passport-style photo

  • You also need to show them whether your parents have Australian Citizenship or not.

Make Copies

You may not know that it is not essential to attach all the original documents with your application, you can also submit copies of your documents. So, you must make copies and submit them.

Complete your Application Form

After gathering documents, you need to complete the application form. Make sure, you must fill the application form carefully so that you can get a prompt response from their side. Well, you may not know that there are several parts of application form such as information about yourself, your children and your parents. And you also need to mention supporting documents in the application form.

Submit Application

Then, you must submit your application after depositing the application fees. You submit all the gathered documents and character document as well. After submission, they will invite you for an appointment via mail.

Attend your Appointment

After submission, they will mail you for an appointment. In this appointment, you need to show your documents and they want to verify them or they may try to match them with original documents.

Attend the Citizenship Ceremony

At last, if you pass the test, you need to attend a Citizenship Ceremony.

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