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What are the criteria for gaining PR in Australia?

What are the criteria for gaining PR in Australia?

In the current era, the trend of switching to overseas among individuals are surging. Many people apply visas for study, work, tourists and some apply applications for permanent residents. If you are planning to apply for a visa application for permanent resident in Australia, then you must lodge your file from the migration agents in Brisbane as they are professional in the filing of permanent resident visas.

How do I become a permanent resident of Australia?

1. Search the right visa:

To work and stay in Australia permanently, there are approximately 40 plus Australian visas are available for you. But, you have to find an accurate visa for you with the advice of an expert agent. Some of the typical Australian Migrant visas are as follows:-

Family-Based Permanent Residency

If your family member or your child is holding the Australian Permanent or the person is Australian citizen then that person is having legitimate right to sponsor you then you will be eligible to immigrate to Australia. These Australian migrant visas are available for:
  • partner
  • parents
  • children
  • dependent relatives

Work-Based Permanent Residency

Under the work base category, there are numerous paths available for you to get an Australian permanent residency. The immigrant worker categories are shown below:-
  • Employer-Sponsored Workers.:- When you are sponsored by an Australian employer to work and occupy the vacant post which is not occupied by the local workers in Australia.
  • General Skilled Migration.:- Under this, masses are not sponsored by the Australian employers but they are having the skills which are valued in the industries of Australia. For these people appears for General IELTS.
  • Skill Select.:- In this category, Australia requires some of the skills which are suitable to occupy the vacant post so such skills should be satisfied by the workers for nomination.

2. Check if you meet the visa requirements

Once you have selected the right visa, the next step involves looking over the mandatory visa requirements to apply as it involves huge fund investment. You should seek information by visiting expert immigration. You should attain a visa checklist from the agents so that you can see and meet the visa requirements accordingly. 3. Apply for an Australian Migrant Visa Once you select the right visa and meet the visa requirements then the next step involves applying file in the embassy. You should lodge your file online or offline. Online visa takes around 25-30 days whereas offline visa takes 45 days to process. 4. Wait for a decision Once you lodge your visa, then you have to wait for several weeks for the decision which is being made on your application. 5.Grab your visa Once your application is successfully approved by the embassy, then you will receive your visa within a few days after the application approval process.

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