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What all you need to know about changes in the Australian Citizenship Test?

What all you need to know about changes in the Australian Citizenship Test?

Updations made in Australian Citizenship TestAlan Tudge, Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs announced from 15th November 2020 that updates will be made in the Australian citizenship test. The main aim is to make these changes to put the focus on Australian values. If you are planning to apply for an Australian visa then make sure to get in touch with the migration agents in Brisbane to make an informed decision on what needs to be done. Addition of meaningful questionsWith the modifications made in the Citizenship test, there is the addition of more & new meaningful questions which require the citizens to understand the Australian values like mutual respect, giving equal opportunities, freedom of speech, the importance of democracy, and rule of law.With the new test 20, multiple-choice questions will be added which have 5 questions focusing on the Australian values. The individual needs to answer all these questions correctly. The person needs to have a mark of around 75% in the entire exam. What are the sample questions updated in the test?Given below is the list of sample questions which you can found in the Department of Home Affairs with the changes made in the practice test:●     Which is the statement which tells best about the Australian values regarding the freedom of expression?●     Is it important for people in Australia to give their time to learn English?●     In Australia, is it possible to encourage violence against a group of people or a person if someone has insulted you?●     Which of the points tells about the factors that contribute to the Australian community?●     Is it acceptable that a husband behaves violently with his wife if she does not agree on something or does not do what he says?●     What do you think about men and women getting equal opportunities while working towards their goals & interest?Answering these questions is important to pass the citizenship test in Australia. If you have any doubt on what to do then make sure to get in touch with the migration agent and get the entire process done correctly. Are there changes made in the English language?No changes are made in the English language or residency requirement for citizenship. An updated version of Australian citizenship is important to understand, and you can understand it better with the help of a migration agent. Knowing about the Australian value component and its updated practice will make the entire process go smoothly. Has COVID-19 impacted the citizenship process?We all know COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s life greatly. With this, the Australian borders have been sealed so that no one can enter or go from Australia.By keeping in mind the recent change, the COVID-19 citizenship ceremony will be conducted online with the help of a video link.

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