Work Visa Type in Australia

Temporary Work Visa

This visa allows foreign nationals to work in a country for a limited period. It may be issued for specific job offers or industries and typically requires sponsorship from a local employer.

Skilled Worker Visa

Also known as a skilled migration visa, this type of visa is for individuals who possess specialized skills, qualifications, or work experience that are in demand in the host country.

Intra-Company Transfer Visa

This visa is for employees of multinational companies who are being transferred to a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in another country.

Seasonal Work Visa

Designed for individuals who are hired for seasonal or temporary work in industries like agriculture or tourism.

Investor/Entrepreneur Visa

This visa is for individuals who want to invest in or establish a business in the host country and create job opportunities for locals.

Post-Study Work Visa

Offered in some countries, this visa allows international students who have completed their studies to work in the country for a specified period to gain practical experience related to their field of study.

Working Holiday Visa

Generally available for young people (usually between 18 and 30 or 35 years old) from specific countries, this visa allows them to work and travel in the host country for a limited duration.

Artist or Performer Visa

Designed for individuals in the entertainment industry, such as musicians, actors, or dancers, who wish to work in the host country for performances or artistic projects.

Researcher or Academic Visa

For scholars, researchers, and academics who are invited to work at universities, research institutions, or other educational organizations.

Religious Worker Visa

This visa allows religious workers, such as ministers, missionaries, or religious counselors, to work for a religious organization in the host country.