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What are the different ways to renew a Student Visa in Australia?

What are the different ways to renew a Student Visa in Australia?

Are you already studying in Australia and want to renew your student visa? If yes, then you can apply for a new student visa only when your current visa expires or You can also get help from migration agents in Brisbane.

How to renew the student visa in Australia?

Frankly, you can’t extend or renew the visa in Australia. To continue studying in Australia, you must apply for a new student visa after the expiry of your current visa. This means you have to follow the entire visa process again to continue to study in Australia.

You can only extend your student visa in certain conditions include-:

  • If your current student visa expires before the completion of your course. It only happens in certain circumstances such as due to failed subjects, reduced study load, and leave of absence.
  • If your research campaign has been extended.
  • If the marking of your thesis is pending but your current visa is expired.
  • If you are already enrolled in a new study course.

Only, in these cases, you can extend your student visa. But you have to follow certain steps, which are explained below-:

Step 1: Enrol

First of all, you need to go with pre-application submission, only then you will be able to get a new CoE which means Confirmation of Enrolment form. Additionally, you cannot extend your visa if you are unable to extend your course or study. To enrol in a study, you need to get CoE from a university where you want to study further. And it is necessary to attach this new CoE to your new visa application.

Step 2: Health examination and OSHC.

Similarly, as your previous visa, you have to show health insurance. So, to extend your OSHC such as Overseas Student Health Cover policy, you must contact the health insurance agency and talk about policy dates so that you can extend them. Well, this is not an end, if your health checks expired, then you need to take another health examination to extend your student visa.

Step 3: Necessary documents

Then you must gather all the necessary documents for a visa extension. The necessary documents are mentioned below-:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Personal statement to satisfy the GTE requirement
  • Passport identity page, such as every page with visa sample as well as immigration stamp.
  • National identity Card

  • A curriculum vitae, submit only which is certified by the local authorities.

  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) codes

  • OSHC policy number

  • All pages of household registration book

  • HAP ID number

  • Evidence of financial capacity

Step 4-: Submit a new student visa application.

At last, you must submit your new student visa application to immigration or the Department of Home Affairs. Once you are done with the submission process, the Department of Home Affairs sent you a Bridging Visa copy and an acknowledgement letter. They sent it through the mail, so make sure, you check your mail regularly.

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