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Want to Study, Work or Settle in Australia-Don’t Forget to Ask FAQs Before Getting Visa

Want to Study, Work or Settle in Australia-Don’t Forget to Ask FAQs Before Getting Visa

With the change in migration rules, more candidates can enter Australia. Vaccinated students, parents, and partners can come to t Australia after the reopening of internal borders for candidates. Is this the end of things you should know before entering Australia, probably not. Here are the FAQs you should know before seeking an Australian visa.


Frequently Asked Questions About Australian Migration

Who Are Allowed to Enter Australia?

The vaccinated candidates can meet their partners and parents in Australia by following the guidelines for an Australian visa. For a study or work visa, you need to follow the guidelines and then apply for the associated visa. If you have any doubt regarding the same then you can seek advice from migration agents in Australia.

What Are Basic Points Before Considering Australian Visa?

If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, then you can ask for a tourist visa to come to Australia. With 485 onshore visas, you can go back to your home country. And, if you are on Bridging visa B, you can come to Australia to meet partners or to your family living in Australia.

How long does it take to get Australian PR?

Every application is different and so the processing time for the same is different too. You need to check for the Australian migration guidelines for the processing time of the visa you are applying for. 

Do Different States in Australia Have Different Visa Requirements?

Before visiting the regional areas in Australia, be sure you are fully vaccinated. Check for the state guidelines you are going to visit. Even you can work in the regional areas if you are already studying online.

How You Can Be Considered Fully Vaccinated Individual?

An individual is have taken the two doses of the vaccine is considered fully vaccinated. So, you can take the vaccine doses of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Moderna. You can also travel if you have taken the booster shot or with the mixed vaccine doses. Wait for at least 7 days after taking vaccination for immunization.

Does a Child Need to Be Fully Vaccinated Before Entering Australia?

Children below 12 years need to be fully vaccinated. If the child has taken one dose can also come along the fully vaccinated individuals.

Which Are the Necessary Documents You Need To Carry?

A visa holder needs to come with a passport, vaccination proof, and an international vaccine certificate. Providing the identified proofs won’t affect your travel plan. When you are traveling with your parents, come with their identity and passport documents with you.

Are There Any Application Charge Waiver Fees for a Visitor Visa?

The applicants who have applied for the visa before the pandemic are eligible for the visitor visa vaccines. In case, your visitor visa has expired, then are eligible for a fee waiver or can submit a new application at the later date but be sure you get the application before December 31, 2022.

Do International Students Allow on The Study Visa?

Around 150,000 offshore students who want to come to Australia can be eligible for a refund of the student visa application charges. They are suggested to make the application process quick and come to Australia immediately as possible. Seeking expert advice from the migration agent in Australia would be a wise decision at this point.

Are There Any Special Benefits for International Students?

A candidate with a student visa can now work full-time as per the latest amendments. Those who are associated with the critical sectors are also allowed to work for additional hours which are more than 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight. This decision supports overcoming the skill shortage Australia is dealing with currently.

You are suggested not to breach any visa conditions. There are some changes announced by the Australian government and make sure you follow the guidelines before asking for a visa. Education Embassy, a leading migration agency in Brisbane, Australia can handle this complicated process if you find any difficulty. Our team of MARA registered agents handles your application and makes it a success for more information feel free to give us a call!

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