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Visitor visa (Subclass 600) Tourist stream (apply in Australia)

Visitor visa (Subclass 600) Tourist stream (apply in Australia)

Visitor visa (Subclass 600) Consultants in Brisbane: There are various options under which you can apply for an Australian visa. It depends on your individual needs, the objective of your stay and the proposed duration of stay. Migration Agents in Brisbane has enlisted the various options under which you can apply. 1. Tourist stream (Apply in Australia) It can also be used for. The duration is up to 12 months and the cost is around AUD365. VISA Consultant In Brisbane specifies that this visa can be availed if you are living in Australia and wish to stay longer in the country. 2. Tourist stream VIsa (Apply outside Australia) This visa also lets you visit Australia for tourism, cruising or visiting your family and friends. It costs around AUD145 and the validity is for 12 months. The processing time of this visa takes around 18-24 days from the date of application. The applicant might get 3, 6 or 12 months validity for the stay. 3. Sponsored Family Stream Under this category, you can be sponsored by a family member to visit him. You can stay for 12 months under this visa. It incurs a cost of AUD145. The sponsor may be asked to pay a security bond for you. The processing time usually takes 25-48 days. 4. Business visitor stream If the business is on your mind, then you can apply under this category. You will be granted a stay of a maximum of 3 months under this visa. The cost will be around AUD145. The processing time is quite less; it ranges from 10-16 days. You will be allowed to enter Australia multiple times under this category. The visa allows you to visit for business but doesn’t allow you to sell goods or services. You are also not allowed to work under this visa. 5. Approved destination status stream This visa can be availed by Chinese population on a tour to Australia. The period of stay is mentioned on the visa. It also costs AUD145. You will be delighted to know the fast processing time as it ranges from 2 -5 days only. You will be required to stay with the tour all the time. Frequent traveller stream This category covers people who are citizens of the People’s Republic of China and wish to travel frequently to the country for official or personal reasons. This visa allows you to stay for 3 months every time you enter. With a maximum validity period of up to 10 years, it incurs a cost of AUD1,065. The processing time ranges from 7-13 days. The visa requires you to provide biometrics within the People’s Republic of China before the application is submitted. This visa is open only to people who hold a valid Chinese passport.

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