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What are the visa options available for the Northern Territory in Australia?

What are the visa options available for the Northern Territory in Australia?

If you are planning to apply for an Australian visa then make sure to get in touch with the migration agents in Brisbane. How can International students benefit in Northern territory?
  • Studying for at least 2 years, and completing a minimum Diploma course, you will get 5 extra points in the Points Test if applying for one of the visas that are points-tested. It includes Subclass 189 Permanent Skilled Independent Visa, Subclass 190 Permanent Skilled State or Territory Nominated Visa, and the new Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional visa.
  • Minimum study of 2 years in the NT, in a course that leads to a Diploma at least, you can get a nomination for the Skilled Permanent State or Territory Nominated 190 Visa or the Skilled Work Regional Temporary Visa 491
  • If the 2-year course you complete is a Higher-Education course (a Master, a Bachelor, or a Ph.D.), then you can apply for a Graduate 485 visa under the Post Study Work Rights Stream and full work rights for the 4-year visa (if you studied in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, then you will get a 2-year visa).
  • You can find a job offer in NT which leads to a Regional Employer visa 494 or a Sponsorship Work Visa 482 TSS under a Designated Area Migration Agreement of which the NT is part.
Skilled Work Regional Visa (subclass 491) – Temporary This is a provisional visa that allows you and your dependent to work, live, and study for 5 years in a regional area. With minimum working and earning for around 3 years, the applicant is also eligible for permanent residency. To be ordered by the Territory you will be required to work and live full-time in the NT in the nominated occupation for around 6 months. There are additional basic requirements which include:
  • Have your occupation on the NT Nominated Occupation List if applying via work on in the MLTSSL or STSOL if completing 2 years of study
  • Get a positive Skills Assessment in your nominated occupation
  • Get a minimum of 65 points in the points test.
  • Be under 45 years old
  • Demonstrate a competent level of English
Offshore application People who live outside Australia can benefit from this visa. For this visa, applicants need to be employed in the nominated occupation for around 1 year before the application. In some cases, the applicant needs to have the full-time offer of a job in the NT. Sponsorship TSS 482 visa under a DAMA – Temporary The Designated Area Migration Agreement is an agreement between certain states or regions and the federal government. With this, the employer can sponsor workers under the TSS 482 visa. The advantage here is that the employer and employee can access concessions such as:
  • Age (under 50 when applying for a permanent visa instead of 45);
  • The lower level of English (overall 5 and a minimum 4.5 in each band in an IELTS test or equivalent)
  • Minimum salary concessions according to region market rates;
  • More occupations options for employment/sponsorship as compared to the regular occupation lists

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