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Different visa options for Australian PR suggested by Migration agents

Different visa options for Australian PR suggested by Migration agents

Education Embassy Brisbane: This article is going to help you understand the different PR options in Australia. Well, every case is different so the visa option will depend according to the circumstances so make sure to take help from the Migration Agents in Brisbane for better understanding and to make the right choice. Let’s take a look at some of the temporary to the permanent pathway: Student visa to Australian PR Students who have completed their course and want to live in Australia also have the option of applying for PR. This can be done with the Skill Select system and you should have the required number of points. Graduate visa (Subclass 485) to Australian PR Students who have a 485 graduate visa can get PR on a sponsored visa. You need to have an employer who agrees to sponsor you for living in Australia under the RSMS 187 visa or ENS 186 visa. If there are enough points and there is a demand for the occupation you choose then you will be eligible to apply for the Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189), Skilled Provisional Visa (Subclass 489) Regional Visa in Australia, or Skilled Sponsored Visa (Subclass 190). Working visa (Subclass 457) to Australian PR If you have a TSS 457 visa or you applied for it before 18th April 2017 you can get the Australian PR under RSMS subclass 187 or ENS subclass 186. well, it does not matter in which type of occupation you are working. TSS (Subclass 482) visa to Australian PR TSS (Subclass 482) visa: The visa holder working in Australia with a Medium-term TSS visa for 3 years with the same employer is eligible for PR under the TRT stream. Also, the DAMA visa holders have the option of Australian PR. Skilled provisional visa (Subclass 489) to Australian PR With the current immigration rules, this option is for PR who have applied for the skilled regional visa (Subclass 887). Family-related visas to Australian PR The Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand Citizen, or Australian permanent citizen can sponsor the family to live in Australia. They might come as temporary residents and once they meet all the requirements they can be permitted for Australian PR. State sponsorship for Australian PR In Australia, for skilled workers the Skilled Nominated visa: Subclass 190 allows them to live and work as permanent residents. This will help the skilled worker whose occupation is in high demand in the Australian market. State and territory requirements There are own set of occupations, requirements, and processes with each state & territory. New Zealand citizen to Australian PR The applicants who arrived in Australia after or before 26th Feb 2001 are granted the SCV (Special Category visa). It is a temporary visa that allows you to work & remain in Australia which might make you eligible for Australian citizenship.

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