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Visa Options Before Choosing Nursing in Australia

Visa Options Before Choosing Nursing in Australia

To begin a career with high ambition and high salary package is the dream of every youth today. It all depends upon the personal and professional skills of the student that how far the career will last. Especially if one has completed the studies in nursing and is particularly interested in the studies further overseas, they need to find the various visa options before applying. Nursing is very much in demand in Australia because of many reasons. In order to gain more information about the entire process, it is necessary to consult the right team with the right experience. There are many migration consultants and migration agents available nowadays in the market who claim to provide the Australian VISA. As a qualified nurse, you are completely eligible for work in Australia. Then the candidate becomes eligible for registration and can apply easily for any temporary or permanent job in Australia. Once this registration process is done, there are various options available such as –
  • Employer nomination scheme
  • Regional sponsored migration scheme
  • Skilled independent VISA
  • Working holiday VISA
  • Skill Matching VISA
In addition to this, there is full government support to the candidates because they provide many additional facilities also to the candidates. There is a program which is being initiated by the government there in order to enhance the knowledge and skills of the candidates. One such program is known as the IRON program i.e. Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses. South Australia can nominate the candidates for either a provisional or permanent VISA to help the desired candidates and to start a new successful career in Australia. There are various categories that are being provided within state nominated visas: skilled nominated permanent subclass 190 and skilled regional provisional subclass 489. Application pathways for nurses can involve general skill migration and employer sponsorship. On the other hand, skill assessment for nurses is firstly to register themselves in Australia, Initial qualification in recognised overseas country and registration in a recognized overseas country. Therefore, it can be said that for nurses the most important thing in migration to Australia is to choose the right occupation, using the best application pathway, obtaining registration in Australia and also obtaining a positive skill assessment. The Australian VISA services consist of skilled migration and working holiday VISA. The skilled migration program is for those who are the permanent citizen of that country and on the other hand, the working holiday VISA is for those candidates who have age between 18 and 30 and they get VISA to work there and to travel as well.

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