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Everything about visa cancellation for bringing banned food items to Australia

Everything about visa cancellation for bringing banned food items to Australia

14 visa cancellation for breaching biosecurity lawsSince last year from October, 14 visas have been cancelled for breaching the biosecurity laws in Australia. Australia has a strict biosecurity law which does not allow animal products, certain plant materials, and food to enter the country. The reason is because of the threat of introducing diseases and pests into Australia. It is to protect the Australian environment, tourism industry, and agriculture.If you are planning to visit Australia and you are not aware of the rules then you should consult the team of migration agents in Brisbane. You might not know but serious breaches mat see fines up to $4,44,000 and even jail for 10 years.Rules for biosecurity in AustraliaAustralia announced a new visa cancellation ground that gives decision-makers the power to cancel a visitor visa, and there has been an attempt to deceive a biosecurity officer about the presence of prohibited items in the person’s possessions or luggage. Lately, there have been 14 visas cancelled under the new rule.
  • This year on August 2 men arrived in Perth, and they were carrying food items, and their visa was cancelled under this new rule.
  • 2 men arrived at the Perth Airport from the Singapore flight last week, and they had transit visas. They had to enter the quarantine period of 14 days before joining the commercial ship. The security officers found that these 2 men did not declare they had 5 kg of pork, fish items, chicken, and salami. The meat was found in the men’s baggage, and they were referred to the Australian Border Force where the officers cancelled their visas.
Agriculture Minister David Littleproud.The Minister of Agriculture Department said that these were the 13th and 14th visa cancellation under the new rules regarding biosecurity, and the first one since the Australian borders were closed due to the pandemics.The travelers knowingly provided false documents or statements under the Biosecurity Act subsection 533(1). The travelers who make such type of mistake need to go to immigration detention pending removal, and they are prohibited to come back to Australia for around 3 years. Declare the luggage itemsThe passengers coming to Australia need to declare the luggage items, and this is a legal document. Also, if they have any type of product which is not allowed then they need to mention Yes.Once the card is filled, the declared goods along with the passenger are taken to the biosecurity so that they can be inspected according to the details they have mentioned. Another option is that they can dispose of the material on their own if they have any on the terminal. If you fail to provide the correct information, then you need to pay the penalty, and in certain cases, there are 10 years of jail.

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