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What are the various ways to get a Permanent Residency in Australia for students?

What are the various ways to get a Permanent Residency in Australia for students?

These days, millions of international students are migrating to Australia for higher studies. This only happens because Australia offers many job opportunities and has the best education system as compared to other nations. 

There are several Australia PR options available for students. You have to understand the requirements of PR Australia so that you can get permanent residency easily. Let’s have a look at Australia Migration options.

What is the Australian Migrating Program?

The Australian Migrating program is designed for every person, this does not specially design for a single community. People of any gender, religion, ethnic origin and color can apply under this program to get the Permanent residency in Australia. If you are thinking to move to Australia, then there are so many options available for you such as-:

  • A skilled visa

  • A sponsored work visa

  • A business visa

  • A student visa.

What is a Permanent Resident (PR)?

A permanent resident of Australia allows you to stay in this nation for an unlimited time period or get the benefit of all the amenities that are offered to native people. In addition to this, a permanent resident has the right to apply for citizenship or this is a step forward to citizenship of Australia. If you are a permanent residency holder, then you will be able to travel anywhere without any problem or you will get the benefit of medical or travel insurance too.

How to get permanent residency in Australia for an international student?

As we stated above, there are several visa options available for international students to get PR. They can also apply under the skill select program, but they also have to fulfill all the requirements of this visa class. To get detailed information about the skill select visa, you have to meet the migration agents, because they have a great deal of knowledge about everything.

Skill select include several visa options such as-:

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

This Skilled Independent Visa is described as a point tested visa, which does not need any type of nomination from state or territory as well. In this visa category, you have to collect the points, that is based on several factors such as-:

  • Your age-: Between 18 years to 45 years

  • English language proficiency, no matter whether you are taking IELTS or PTE.

  • Your qualifications and experience in the relevant field too.

  • It is necessary to complete a two or more years course in Australia.

  • You have to show that you are residing and studying in the regional areas of Australia.

  • You must show the certification in one of the community languages in Australia.

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