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Updates on Coronavirus And Australian Visas

Updates on Coronavirus And Australian Visas

Restriction on Travel

Australian citizens and their immediate family members can travel to Australia and they are exempted from the travel restriction. The immediate family members include:
  • spouses
  • dependents
  • legal guardians
You can only come to Australia if you have a visa. Once you get the visa and you are allowed to travel, then you need to self-isolate yourself in a home or a hotel. Well, you should not travel until the DHA permits to do so.  If you are wondering about the process of applying for the visa and what all needs to be kept in mind then talk to our migration agent. Our Migration consultant will share all the necessary and relevant information with you. 

Travel restriction on the pending partner visa application

If you have a pending partner visa application (Subclass 820 or subclass 309) and outside Australia or you have been given a prospective marriage visa, still you need permission to travel. This exemption also includes the New Zealand citizens living in Australia as Australian residents. Well, there is a need to follow the rules of 14 days of self-isolation no matter what.  Migrants with Student visa holder can work for a long time
  • To meet the high demand for essential items in the supermarket the Australian government has decided to extend the working hours of the students working in the supermarket. 
  • Normally, the student is not allowed to work more than 40 hours during their course of study or one session. 
  • These measures are taken by the Home Affairs Department for the major supermarkets like Cole and Woolworths for all the employees who are currently working. 
  • By doing so, the international students will get more flexibility to work and also study to meet the demand in such a situation. 
  • Additionally, the employers need to follow all the rules in the same way as they used to do it earlier. 
What about the ‘No Further Stay Condition’? You are an Australian visa holder with ‘no further stay’ condition, then what will happen? It includes subclass 8503, 8534 and 8535, which means the applicants are not able to make valid applications for other visa types in Australia. If you want, then you need to request such a condition.  Travel Disruption in Australia Foreign nationals who have been in Iran, China, Italy, and South Korea are not permitted to enter Australia for 14 days from the time they have left any of these countries. If the permanent citizens and residents along their family members have come from these countries need to self-isolate them.

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