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What are the top courses which provide the benefit of PR in Australia?

What are the top courses which provide the benefit of PR in Australia?

In case, you are looking to settle in Australia then there are few top courses that provide a good choice for the Permanent Residency in Australia

List of courses to get PR in Australia

  • Nursing
This is one of the important features on this list which needs a constant flow of dedication and proper care. Nurses are in high demand because the Australia population includes lots of aged people. Sub-profession of nursing is a Midwife, Surgical nurse, Aged care nurse, and Nurse practitioner. Initial course: Bachelor of Nursing
  • Other healthcare options
The demand for healthcare workers is on the rise which opens up the opportunity for many people. Some of the initial courses which can be considered include: – Bachelor of Medical Sonography – Bachelor of Dental Science – Bachelor of Dental Surgery – Bachelor of Pharmacy – Bachelor of Audiology – Bachelor of Physiotherapy If you are not sure what should be done or you have any doubt then clear it right away by consulting the Migration Agents in Brisbane.
  • Computer Science and IT
Technology is increasing at a very fast pace and to keep up with that universities are constantly making the changes needed in it. Students are very much interested and have a passion for learning more about computers that should go in this industry. No doubt, choosing this dynamic field will benefit a lot of international students. You can become a coder, game designer, system analyst, programmer, web developer, software engineer, chief information officer, and other occupations. Initial course: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Computing
  • Social work
Are you interested in helping people? Social work is the best field for you and also its demand is very high. You should become a welfare worker, Family/Children’s social worker, clinical social worker, or a geriatric social worker. Initial course: Bachelor of social work
  • Teaching and Education
Australia is well-known for its high standard of education. The profession of becoming a teacher is also in high demand. You can become a Special needs teacher, primary or secondary school teacher, or English teacher to migrants.
  • Architecture
The infrastructure growth and increased building activity are in high demand in different parts of Australia. Initial course: Bachelor of Architecture At times there are many employers who want graduates who have completed their Master of Architecture Degree.
  • Engineering
Engineering is another profession that industry needs a lot. This field is very vast and if you can think technically as well as love mathematics then you should opt for this. Initial course: Bachelor of Engineering
  • Accountancy
Every business needs accounting support and this is why accountant demand is on the rise. On only private business owners but in government sectors there are many positions. You can choose Corporate Treasury, Insolvency, taxation accounting, forensic, accounting, internal audit and risk assessment. Initial course: Bachelor of Accounting Make sure you have applied the right course for the pathway of PR by seeking the help of the migration agent.

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