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Top Australia Visa Opportunities in 2023 – Points to Consider for Offshore Applicants

Top Australia Visa Opportunities in 2023 – Points to Consider for Offshore Applicants

The new administration led by Labor’s Anthony Albanese in May has announced some alterations to Australian immigration laws and that is to focus on the visa backlog. The government introduced the skilled migration occupation listings in 2023. It will provide applicants, with 5 major Australian visa opportunities in 2023.

Increase In Skilled Migration Places

There is an increase in places for permanent migration programs from 160,000 to 195,000 for skilled and family visas in 2022-23. With the program, the number of skilled visas will rise from 79,600 to 142,400 as per the budget released in October. Age limitations are suspended with Subclass 457 visas and that gives an increase in the number of people qualifies for visa 462 working holiday maker visas and revised Temporary skill shortage visa 482. On an estimate, more than 19,000 refugees with temporary protection visas will be eligible to seek PR In Australia. It is still not confirmed by the government, according to the spokesperson for the Department of Home Affairs.

5 Major Australian Visa Opportunities In 2023

  1. New Visa For Certain Countries – A new visa will be introduced in July 2023 offering 3000 places for qualified immigrants from the Pacific region and Timor Leste. Every year, vacancies for the Pacific Engagement will be dispersed by ballot. At the same time, openings in Australia’s permanent migration program, these visas will be offered.

2. If New Zealanders Get Priority Processing – Australian residents of New Zealand will get processing to the visas on priority for Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visas. Now, the applicants are no longer required to stay in Australia for at least five years or have taxable income or meet other requirements to be granted a visa. By the time, the backlog is cleared, the department will not accept any new visa applications between 10 December 2022 to 1 July 2023.

3. State Sponsored Visa – Department of Immigration announced that the visas which are sponsored by the state and territories get an increment in 2023 with a more specific allocation given by the regional areas. States and territories are making it candid for state-nominated visas losing many requirements. Now, state-sponsored visas are not dependent only on one employer, though applicants must age 44 or lesser and have safe employment.

4. Easy Family Visa – After getting demand-driven partner visas in 2022-23, the Albanese government made it easy to reunite families and offers great Australian visa opportunities. There is no specific cap on the total number of visas but the expected number is offering 40,500 partner visas. There is a demand for Child Visas as well and so the projected amount can be 3000. The positive Australian visa opportunities will prove helpful for Australian immigration.

5. Change in Visa Processing – Government uses the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List t rank applications for skilled visas but now, Government is not using the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) to rank applicants. Therefore, the skilled visa applications for healthcare professionals and teachers are now being evaluated in just three days. Now, new guidelines for application priorities have been settled and decisions on applications are done with the priority order including:

Applicants residing outside Australia can ask for provisional and permanent skilled visas for each category. The new changes by the Department of Home Affairs will make the application process speedy and give a huge opportunity for offshore applicants.


These are the top 5 Australian visa opportunities the applicants can avail of in 2023. There are many changes made in the immigration system of Australia and provides more nominated places for business migration and skills to the previous years. The government has announced that they will check the usability of skilled migration occupations listings, and some of them are outdated previously. Now, more chances for more applicants in 2023 with more opportunities. Education Embassy provides you with proper guidance and visa services if you wanted to migrate to Australia in 2023. You can book a consultation with professionals with us. Check the website for more information.

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