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Top 5 Major changes in Australian Immigration

Top 5 Major changes in Australian Immigration

 In the latest news it has been heard that many initiatives are taken by the government which will be implemented very soon and will have a deep impact on the migrant community of Australia. These initiatives also include various reforms taken on the visa categories for Australia’s migration program. The eligibility criteria of some permanent skilled visas is changed to “better align the temporary and permanent program”. The reason behind these measures is to initiate the concentration of Australia’s skilled migration program and to make it clear that Australia’s needs are better met. Given below is the list of some changes made by the federal government for a proper migration visa program.
  • Visa law for new partnerEveryone is aware of the law Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other measures) Bill 2016, which was passed on 2018, 28 November but is in the waiting list to become a law officially. It is very clear that the final bill is not yet released but when the new law will start prevailing then there will be a need to approve Partner sponsorship before the applicant of visa can lodge visa application for their partner
  • Working Holiday Visa Program- There were certain changes announced by the department for the working holiday visa program dated 5 November 2018. The reason behind this change was to give an opportunity to the farmers of Australia to get an instant access with the workers in different parts of Australia as per their needs. The visa holders of working holiday consist of subclass 462 and subclass 417 and are also given with a benefit to apply for third year visa. Only those applicants are eligible for this visa who complete their 6 months of service in specific region during second year on 1 July 2019.
  • Sponsorship for parent visa- The passing of this bill was done with an intention to help the grandparents and parents to reunite with their family members in Australia. According to this new temporary sponsored parent visa, the grandparents and parents will be allowed to regularly visit their family for the next five years. The sponsorship for this bill will begin from the beginning of half of 2019.
  • Entrepreneurship visa in South AustraliaWith the introduction of this visa program the state government of Australia will be able to communicate with the business incubators throughout the world. The main objective of this visa program is to attract the entrepreneurs from the foreign countries to Australia. This bill will be first commanded in South Australia before 2019. With the introduction of this visa the foreign entrepreneurs have an advantage to showcase their creative ideas and a proper business plan that can be successful, will get a chance to apply for this visa so that they can carry out their set up in Australia. With the involvement of more and more entrepreneurs in this visa the job opportunities will increase and as a result the standard of living of people in South Australia will boost.
  • Partnership with ATO- The basic objective of this bill is to check that whether and entrepreneur is paid correctly or not, and the amount of tax given by him is apt or not. It will keep a track of the subclass 457/482 holders of visa for the income years between 2018-2020 making it clear that both the employer and the employee are following the obligations of visa program.
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