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Tips to Write Partner VISA Relationship Statement

Tips to Write Partner VISA Relationship Statement

Partner VISA Relationship Statement 2020 Updates: If you are applying for an Australian partner visa, you will be required to write a relationship statement. The document is used to describe the nature of the relationship and how the partners met each other. It should be ideally 2-3 pages long. It is a way of explaining the genuine nature of your relationship. It’s important that you get it right as it will pave the way for future prospects of your spouse’s( or partners’ ) chances of living with you in Australia. Partner VISA Australia plays a significant role in the immigration of the partners. It is best to get in touch with a migration consultant for the same.

The Ideal Document

The main content of the document should be –
  1. Explanation of how and when you met your partner for the first time. The exact date on which the relationship commenced is also to be mentioned. You should let the case officer know the details regarding the way the relationship developed. Questions like how long you knew each other before the relationship started and were you friends? before you got into the relationship must be answered in this document. This part should be as detailed as possible.
  2. Ensure that your spelling and grammar is correct. Make sure that you spell the partner’s name as well as the family names correctly.
  3. Questions like whether you were separated for any long span of time,  how you kept in touch, were there any phone calls or messages should be answered. Which messaging apps were used to stay in touch and whether you have taken holidays separately also needs to be answered.
  4. Explain the significant events of your relationship. Let the case officer know how the relationship became serious and how it developed over time. Details of the first introduction also need to be mentioned.
  5. The next important piece of information includes the division of responsibility in the household. The exact details regarding who does the cooking and cleaning are to be given. The information regarding who does the grocery shopping and who takes care of the kids needs to be given. The case officer would want to know if you have split responsibilities with your partner or not.
  6. Spouse visa Australia application requires you to mention many aspects of your relationship in the article. The activities enjoyed by you as a couple and the way you spend your time with each other should be mentioned.
It will be better if you make a rough draft and make the real document later on. You can use a timeline and bullet points to bring out the details of the relationship in a graphical manner. Also, make sure that the information given in your document is the same as given by the sponsor’s statement.

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