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What are the tips to choose a qualified & experienced migration agent?

What are the tips to choose a qualified & experienced migration agent?

Planning to apply for a permanent resident visa is a life-altering moment for most people. You have to see many things before making such a huge decision. But if you have already decided to do it, then make sure you are hiring a migration agents in Brisbane . If you are confused about whether you should choose a migration agent or not, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will talk about the useful tips which help you at the time of selecting a migration agent.
  • Experience of a good migration agent
Always consider the experience of the migration agent while choosing the lodging. The experience will tell the number of successful visa applications done by the agent. Never hesitate to ask several questions from the migration agent. You should also ask about the success rate as well.
  • Check the ratings & reviews
You should check the ratings and reviews of the agent’s website. It will help you in knowing whether he is the right agent for you or not. Also, check the reviews carefully as it will tell you more about the agent.
  • The advice of the agent
The honest agent will give you the right advice related to the visa. He will tell you the success rate of your application in advance. The experienced agent will never keep his clients in dark. He will tell you the chances of success well in advance.
  • Team Efforts
Applicants usually hire solo migration agents. But they forget that what if he gets sick and so on. Then what will you do? A visa application needs 6 months to 2 years depending upon your visa application.
  • Lawyer vs Agent
Lawyers complete their education of 5 years and also complete post education of 2 years whereas migration agents complete 6 months course and start practicing.
    • Qualifications
You should check the qualification of the migration agent as it will help you in knowing whether the agent you are going to hire is suitable for you or not.
  • Update you from time to time
If your agent is updating you regarding application visas from time to time then it is good. But if your agent is not updating then you should give it a second thought and hire another agent. In fact, it is not the only duty of your agent, you should also stay active and ask your agent about the visa application from time to time.
  • Fees of the agent
You should make sure your agent is not asking for inappropriate fees. You should compare the fees of several agents and then select one among all.

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