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Things you should know before applying for a regional visa to Australia 2020

Things you should know before applying for a regional visa to Australia 2020

There are beautiful places in Australia to live, which one are you choosing? Going to a crowded city in Australia will not be a great move. Go where there is a lack of people because it will help you in getting more opportunities compared to the cities full of people. You can live a healthy and wealthy life by working smartly. Put your efforts where there is a need instead of struggling for bread and butter. Are you planning to stay in Australia? Regional Visa would be a great option for you. The Australian government is providing you with ample opportunities for skilled workers. Also, they have reduced the general category visa. But you must be wondering about what regional migration means? And how could you do all the procedures in the right manner? Do not worry this article will help you in knowing the information in detail and migration agents in Brisbane. Regional migration means settling down in Australia in a particular area known as regional by the government of Australia. Types of Regional visa are:
  • Subclass 491 Skilled word regional (State Nominated and Family Sponsored)
Subclass 491 skilled words regional is for those who would love to come to Australia and want to settle down here only. They can apply through this and will be nominated by the territory government. There is also a visa for the family member of the applicant.
  • Subclass 491 Visa Small Business Owners Pathway (Queensland Only)
Under Subclass 491 visa small business owners, the person who is currently living in Australia and having a small business running in Queensland. They are eligible and can apply for this.
  • Subclass 494 Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa
Subclass 494 skilled employer is for those who are facing a shortage of workers in their regions after filling the positions with the Australian workers.
  • This subclass is having 3 categories:
  • Employer Sponsored stream
  • Labour Agreement stream
  • Subsequent Entrant stream
  • DAMA i.e. Designated Area Migration Agreements
Designated area migration agreement is a temporary shortage of workers where applicants apply visa and business enters into an agreement with the Australian governmentApplying through this is also a good choice for those who have successfully passed the criteria for standard PR visas. This is created to fill the positions of workers left in regional areas.ConclusionAfter gaining the knowledge about regional visas be careful in choosing a migration agent for yourself. He will help you in completing your dream. Without agents, it will be little difficult to apply because you will not be having enough information which is required. Migration agents are updated with the rules and regulations and legal knowledge in which you might lack.

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