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Things you need to keep in mind while planning to apply for an Australian citizen

Things you need to keep in mind while planning to apply for an Australian citizen

Becoming an Australian Citizen is not an easy step in the migration process. If you are planning to apply for citizenship, then you have to get help from migration agents in Brisbane. Being a permanent citizen is not a right, it is a privilege. 

There are certain responsibilities and privileges of an Australian Citizen include-:

Responsibilities and privileges

  • Your first responsibility is you have to behave in accordance with Australia’s democratic beliefs.

  • You must respect all the rights and liberties of Australia

  • It is necessary to follow and obey all the laws in Australia.

  • You will be able to vote in the state, federal, and territory elections, also in referenda too.

  • You can also defend Australia in certain cases.

  • Serve on jury duty if summoned

Citizenship entitlements

If you are a citizen of an Australia, then you are eligible for certain entitlements include-:

  • You are eligible to apply for an Australian passport

  • You can simply leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you want.

  • You can ask for help from an Australian consulate if necessary

  • You can vote in the state, federal, and territory elections

  • You will be able to vote in a Constitutional referendum or plebiscite

  • You can also seek election to parliament, but if you are above 18 years. This is applicable only for those who do not have dual citizenship.

  • You can simply register the birth of your child in another country as an Australian citizen without any problem.

Making a promise

At the citizenship ceremony, you have to make the Australian citizenship pledge.

  • democratic beliefs

  • rights

  • liberties

  • laws

Our democratic beliefs, rights, and liberties

There are several things that you need to know and understand about Australia citizenship responsibilities and entitlements. These are-:

Parliamentary democracy

The people you elect as representatives are accountable to the public, if necessary. As a citizen, you can ask them anything.

Rule of law

In the eyes of the law, all Australians are equal.

Peacefully Live

You have to support dialogue, rational discussion, and democracy. Make sure you do not go with violent activities to bring change.

Respect for everyone

The government treats every Australian with dignity and respect, it does not matter what their religions, beliefs, and history are.


Australians believe in a ‘ mateship ‘ attitude. In times of need, we come together to help and assist one another.

Freedoms for citizens

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression

As an Australian citizen, you have the freedom to speak anything, but make sure your words do not harm anyone. It is necessary to respect everyone or their expressions too.

Freedom of association

You are free to join any:

  • social group

  • religious group

  • political party

  • cultural group

  • trade union

  • You also have freedom of religion and the secular government.

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