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Things to keep in mind before applying for the Australian Visitor Visa

Things to keep in mind before applying for the Australian Visitor Visa

Education Embassy Brisbane: A country which is rich in flora and fauna is Australia. No doubt, Australia is rich in its culture and it has become the favorite destination of many people for traveling. Apart from the favorite tourist spot, this place has become is very famous for its education system, business, and health care facilities. As a traveler, you get to travel to various beautiful sites like the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef. This country is famous for its native animals like koalas and kangaroos.The best choice here is to apply for the Australian Visitor visa (Subclass 600). to get the visa you need to submit the essential documents to the Immigration Department and Border Protection of Australia.

Essential factors before applying for the visa


The visa allows you to stay in the country and allow traveling across different parts of the country. 
  • For extensive travel (traveling every week) this visa is compulsory. No need for this visa if you are an Australian citizen or New Zealand.
  • Once the details are filled the visa application is submitted along with health and character requirements. You need to sign the Incoming Passenger Card.
  • After a visa is granted, you can stay for 3, 6, or 12 months. But, the duration of your stay can be extended but you need to follow the validity of the visa.
Keep in mind for detailed information about the visa processing you should get help from our Migration Agents in Brisbane. They are properly aware of the visa and help you go through the entire process in detail.

Requirements of Visa

According to your details, the Immigration Department will check your application form. Some of the certain requirements are:
  • The applicant needs to explain the reason to visit whether it is for tourists, business purposes, or meeting relatives.
  • Whether you are supporting your family financially
  • You need to submit the biometrics also
With the Visitor Visa, you can stay in the country for one year. If you are on a short trip and in a few months you conducted meetings then you will be eligible for Electronic Travel Authority visa – subclass 601. In other cases with the subclass 651 eVisitor visa, the applicant gets the opportunity to work, study and stay for 3 months in Australia.

Processing time

You need to make sure that you are submitting all the relevant information. The Visa processing will be delayed if the authority finds that the information you submitted is not proper for the visa. If everything is proper then you get the visa within 20 to 33 days.If your family is with you then you should get the Visitor Visa Health Insurance Package. It is important to ensure that they go on their journey peacefully.

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