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The Top 5 Australian Student Visas

The Top 5 Australian Student Visas

There are different conditions with different situations and you can make it solve by such as taking help from the required particular Migration Agents in Brisbane and VISA consultant in Brisbane.

Types of Student Visas

STUDENT VISA It is SUBCLASS 500 VISA TYPE. In this Visa you are allowed to stay in Australia and also to study full time in a recognized education institution. There are a lot of benefits of this visa apart from it. As these colleges and universities are the recognized one then the government also provides the facilities for the students for their better future.  It comes with a time period of 5 years and you need to re evaluate your studies reapply everything. Another thing is that this visa also covers the various other things such as Independent ELICOS and schools such as vocational education and training and fur their higher studies and non award and international student sponsored by the department of foreign affairs or defence.

VISA Eligibility

  • It is true that before you get started or apply for such type of visa then there is an actual eligibility for this type of student visa. There should be:
  • At least 6 years of age and this rule also applies to gifted children as well.
  • Have been accepted already into an educational institution, and then the legal kind.
  • Have health insurance all done and getting completed all the related formalities which are associated with it.

VISA Application Process 

  • Next part comes in which you apply for your visa and there is a particular process which decide that by which kind you should all proceed towards the application process of visa. It further can involve a lot of things such as:
  • Be enrolled to study and be approved by the government with all the required documents checked.
  • You have to prove that you are a genuine temporary entrant and also have an adequate health insurance which is a very important step.
  • Pass the English language requirements and also have the financial capacity to pay for your student exchange.
  • Apart from all this there are several other requirements which need to be fulfilled by the student at the time of visa verification such as you should also undergo with the process of verification of all important documents being checked by the certain authority. After then only your visa can pass ahead and you can move further.

Student Visa Cost:

  • This type of visa is not so much expensive and easily everybody can afford it.


  • This is subclass 590 visa and it allows certain people to reside with a student. This is the only case when the student is under 18 years. It all depends upon the student that what he wishes to choose.  The visa application process is also different in this case as far as the overall requirement is required for such type of visa the student should note the following things:
  • Be the student’s parents and relatives or some of the legal guardian who takes all the responsibility of the student that he is with them.
  • Have enough money to support yourself and the student during the stay and until he or she gets completed with his or her studies.
  • Be able to provide the proper accommodation and facilities that are basic in need and required by the student throughout the studies and the entire journey with you.
  • Be at least 21 years of age because then you will be mature enough to guide the student properly and then he or she can feel safe to stay with you without any fear.


  • This visa also called as subclass 407, also for those people who want to come to Australia for the purpose of any special learning or training which helps in the professional development.
  • It also in addition to this allows you to build your skills in your current occupation, area of tertiary study or field of expertise. It also allows you to take part in various kinds of additional activity which can enhance the knowledge and makes you more professional in that particular field.

 Visa eligibility

  • Be nominated unless your sponsor is a commonwealth government agency
  • Be invited if your sponsor is a commonwealth government agency
  • And your age should be of minimum 18 years of age

 VISA Application Process is:

  • The training visa comes with its own benefits and the importance of functional English language skills is so much that it pays you back after sometime.
  • Also the financial support is very important at the same time and health examination and insurance is must o have in your account for the safer side.


  • This is the temporary visa for international students who have recently completed their studies from an Australian institute. You can hold the student visa in the last 6 months and it can be for 6 years. On the subclass 485 you are allowed to live as well as study in Australia for a short period of time.
  • It usually comes in two streams:
  • Graduate Work Stream which is generally for the time period of almost 18 months stay
  • Post Study Work Stream which is probably for two to four years stay in Australia
  • VISA Eligibility – The eligibility is almost the same as the above VISA.


  • This visa is for a subclass 600, 601 or 651.
  • It can also include the Visitor Visa, Electronic Travel Authority Visa, eVisitor subclass.
  • For this Visa, you must be 18 to 30 years old and hold an eligible passport.

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