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The Complete Guide to Australia Skilled Worker Visa: Eligibility and Requirements

The Complete Guide to Australia Skilled Worker Visa: Eligibility and Requirements


Are You Dreaming of Working as a Skilled Worker in Australia? Need Help Navigating Visa Eligibility Requirements and Procedures? No worries; our Ultimate Checklist for Australia Skilled Worker Visa will help you to understand that!


Australia provides skilled professionals having numerous opportunities, but the visa process can be daunting and confusing. That’s why our comprehensive checklist will guide you through every step, from eligibility criteria assessment to final application submission. As skilled workers aiming to migrate to Australia, we understand the difficulties you may experience, and our guide aims to ease those worries. Our team of experts has collaborated closely with immigration officials, successfully helping numerous applicants obtain visas.

No matter your field – from registered nurses and software engineers to project managers – our guide has something to suit every professional need. Learn all the intricacies of the Australia Skilled Worker Visa with our step-by-step guide, making your dream of working in Australia come true!

Table of content

  1. Understanding Skilled Worker Visa
  2. Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Worker Visa
  3. Points-based System for Skilled Worker Visa
  4. Occupation List for Skilled Worker Visa
  5. Conclusion

Understanding Skilled Worker Visa

Applicants aiming to work and settle in Australia as skilled migrants should familiarize themselves with the Skilled Worker Visa program. This visa category was specifically created to accommodate individuals whose skills can contribute to Australia’s economy. Here’s what you should know about the Skilled Worker Visa:

Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Worker Visas

To be eligible for the Skilled Worker Visa, candidates must fulfill certain requirements. Below we outline these eligibility requirements:

  1. Age: Candidates for a visa must be below 45 when making their application.
  1. Language Skills: Candidates must demonstrate proficient English language skills to excel in Australian workplace environments. “Competent English” can be defined as attaining scores of at least 6 on each component of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or its equivalent scores on other tests.
  1. Skill Assessment: Candidates for employment in their selected occupation must undergo a skill assessment by an Australian assessing authority to ensure they possess all of the qualifications and skills needed for work in that occupation. A positive skill assessment indicates this fact.
  1. Occupation: Candidates must select an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The SOL comprises highly sought-after occupations in Australia that align with the government’s goal of recruiting skilled workers in order to address labor market shortages.
  1. Points Test: Candidates must score at least 65 points on the Points Test. This assessment takes into account various aspects such as age, English language proficiency, qualifications, work experience, and spouse skills that help assess whether an applicant will successfully settle in Australia.
  1. Integrity and Health Checks: Candidates must satisfy both health and character criteria to qualify. A health check ensures applicants meet Australia’s health standards while character checks verify whether any criminal record could pose a risk to the Australian community.

These are the essential eligibility requirements for the Skilled Worker Visa. It is crucial that you comprehend and meet them to increase your chances of securing one.

Requirements for Skilled Worker Visa Applications

To be eligible to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa, in addition to meeting eligibility criteria, applicants must fulfill additional criteria as stated below:

  1. Expression of Interest (EOI): Submit an Expression of Interest through Skill Select to express your intent to apply for the visa.
  2. Points-Based Invitation (PBI): Score enough points on Skill Select to be issued an invitation and start your visa application process.
  3. Nomination/Sponsorship: To apply, you must either be nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency, or sponsored by an eligible family member residing in Australia.
  4. Documents: When applying for a visa, you must provide accurate and complete information along with supporting documentation.

Key Benefits of Applying for a Skilled Worker Visa

Once approved, an individual who obtains an applicant for a skilled worker visa may experience several advantages:

Living and working in Australia permanently is now possible, while you also can study here, enroll in government-supported healthcare plans, sponsor eligible family members for permanent residency status, and much more! Generally, Australia welcomes immigrants as permanent residents. Gleichzeitig, Australian law guarantees them certain privileges when studying or living here – like educational and healthcare benefits as well as family sponsorship options. Once you meet all requirements for Australian citizenship, you can apply to become one.

Understanding and fulfilling all criteria associated with the Skilled Worker Visa will enable you to pursue your professional ambitions and build your future in Australia.

Points-based System for Skilled Worker Visa

The Australia Skilled Worker Visa is designed specifically to attract highly skilled individuals seeking employment opportunities in Australia. The visa uses a points system that takes into account various criteria to assess eligibility; let’s look more closely at this system:

  1. Age (Maximum 15 Points)

It plays an essential part in the points-based system; candidates between 25 and 32 receive maximum points (15).

  1. English Language Proficiency (Maximum 20 Points)

Proficiency in English is integral to successful employment integration into Australia’s workforce, and candidates are expected to demonstrate this by scoring at least six in each component of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam – those scoring eight or higher will receive the maximum 20 points in this category.

  1. Education and Qualifications (20 Points Maximum)

Education and qualifications play a critical role in the points-based system for visa eligibility. Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree to be eligible; higher levels of education earn more points; those holding a Ph.D. receive up to 20 in this category.

These are just some of the factors that consider for Australia Skilled Worker Visa applications. To maximize your chances of receiving one, you must understand and fulfill each category’s requirements to increase your chance of being granted one.

Occupation List for Skilled Worker Visa

To qualify for the Australia Skilled Worker Visa, applicants must ensure that their occupation is listed in the relevant skilled occupation list. This roster is frequently renewed and includes a diverse range of professions deemed necessary within Australia’s job market. To be eligible for a Skilled Worker Visa, it’s essential to check the updated occupation lists. As an applicant, knowing which list applies to you is crucial. There are two main lists available for this visa type.

The Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) comprises job positions that are high in demand but temporarily, and hence, come with a two-year visa. Each occupation in the list has its specific job code. When applying for a visa, you should provide this code to avoid confusion. It is crucial to ensure that your skills and experience match the required criteria of your chosen occupation on the list.

MLTSSL(Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List ):

  • Accountant
  • Civil Engineer
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Physiotherapist

STSOL(Short-Term Skilled Occupation List):

  • Chef
  • Massage Therapist
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Web Developer
  • Veterinarian

To determine eligibility for the Australia Skilled Worker Visa, it is crucial to check the latest occupation list and verify that your profession is included.


In conclusion, obtaining an Australian Skilled Worker Visa requires a thorough understanding of the eligibility requirements. You can increase your chances of success by adhering to this comprehensive checklist. It includes gathering all necessary documentation, evaluating your English language proficiency, and providing proof of work experience and qualifications. If you have any concerns or questions about the process, seeking professional guidance is highly recommended – feel free to reach out to “Education Embassy” for assistance with your visa application. Start your journey toward Australia today!

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