Everything you need to know about Temporary Sponsored Parent visa subclass 870

Everything you need to know about Temporary Sponsored Parent visa subclass 870

Temporary Sponsored Parent visa subclass 870 Consultants in Brisbane by Education Embassy:  The Department of Home Affairs introduced a new visa this year in March for Australian citizen foreign parents. In 2017, the federal government passed the law that parents of migrants can spend a long time in Australia. But, now this visa is a temporary visa for which the applications are going to be open from 1st July 2019.

How does the Temporary Parent visa 870 work?

Parent visa: Under this visa, each year around 15,000 temporary visas will be granted which is from 1 st July to 30th June. The processing is the same as a first come first serve basis. Before the programs end and the maximum numbers are reached no further temporary visa will be granted until the next program. It means the processing time for the visa can take a long time. The best choice is that you should seek help from our Migration Agents in Brisbane as they will make you aware of everything and what needs to be done. Moreover, if you are looking to apply for Partner Visa you should also seek their help to get the visa on time.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant is eligible if they are Australian citizen parents, Australia permanent residents, or New Zealand, eligible citizens. Additionally, they should be of 18 years or above.
  • Your child must be approved in the last 6 months as a parent sponsor. When you lodged the application for the sponsored temporary visa then you must be outside Australia. There should not be any unpaid debts.
  • There will need to give proof of financial evidence along with health insurance. Also, meeting all the character, health, and national security requirements.
  • This visa is not an option for permanent residency.

Validity for 870 visa holder

  • This visa allows the parent to stay in Australia for 5 years without leaving the country frequently. This can be seen as an up-gradation to the normal visitor visa.
  • If parents have applied for the visa for a total of 10 years then you need to reapply to stay there for additional time.
  • While your stay, there will be certain work limitation and there should be appropriate health insurance.

Processing time and Cost

There are different factors which can influence the processing time for this visa:
  • Total number of applications lodged
  • Lodging the application with all the required documents.
  • For additional information asked by the immigration department how fast you are responding.
  • The information you gave how much time is needed to check it.
  • To check the health, character and national security requirements.

Application fees

Sponsorship application fee: $420 For 3 years: $5000 For 5 years: $10,000 The option of installments is available, in which the first installment as the time of application and remaining when the visa is granted.

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