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Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Temporary Graduate Visa Second Post-Study Work Stream (Subclass 485) Australia

Temporary Graduate Visa: The second post-study work stream visa 485 for Australia can be applied by those who have graduated from a recognised educational institution located in a designated regional area and registered with CRICOS. You can apply for this visa only if you are the holder of a temporary graduate visa in the post-study workstream. The benefit of this visa is that it allows you to live, travel, study, and work in Australia for 1 or 2 years. You can also include your family members under this visa category, who can join you in Brisbane, Australia.
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Eligibility for a post-study work stream visa

To apply for this visa, you must be under 50 years of age. You should have lived in a designated regional area and studied at a CRICOS registered Australian educational institution for 2 years before you can apply for this visa. All major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are excluded from the definition of a regional area for this visa. You should be a recent graduate from the regional educational institution and a current holder of a visa in the temporary graduate post-study workstream at the time of applying for this visa.
Other important eligibility criteria are that you must be the main applicant for the temporary graduate post-study work stream visa. You should also have adequate health cover for yourself and for any family members that you have included in the visa application. If you have studied or lived in a category 2 area, you are eligible for an extra 1 year on this visa. Applicants who have lived and completed their degree from an institution in a category 3 area are eligible for 2 additional years on this visa.
You and your family members should meet the character requirements as specified by section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 and you should sign the Australian values statement. You should have no outstanding debts to the Australian government and you should not have had a visa cancellation or visa refusal in the past.
Cost, application process & travel
The cost of applying for this visa is currently AUD650. The visa charges also need to be paid for the dependants separately and there is a charge for the subsequent entrants, who will need to pay the full visa application charges. You also need to pay for police verification, biometrics, and other charges listed by the Department of Home Affairs. However, you are exempted from subsequent visa application charges when you are applying for this visa category.
There is no specified time for the processing of the visa application. However, please be aware that the processing time can become longer if the application is incomplete or more information is required. In case the visa application fees have not been paid correctly, your application may be returned to you.
This visa entitles you multiple entries and you can travel outside Australia as many times as you want. However, the time spent outside Australia does not increase the duration of your visa.

Why Hire a Migration Agent for a Second Post-Study Work Stream Visa for Australia?

The benefits of hiring migration agents for temporary graduate visa 485 is that they are aware of all aspects of visa application and migration law. They keep themselves up to date with all changes or updates in the law and can guide you properly for the filing of your visa application. They ensure that all paperwork is in order along with the supporting documents and your visa application filing is a smooth process. This helps you save time in applying and significantly increases the chances of its approval by the immigration authorities.

Why choose us?

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