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Superiority of Living Standards in Australia Over UK

Superiority of Living Standards in Australia Over UK

Australia is a diverse country because people from all over the world move there for work and higher education. This is a country which has the best education system and you will find work in a relevant field easily. In this article, you will learn about living standards in Australia over the UK.

Australia is a massively wealthy nation in terms of property, natural resources, and minerals. That’s why several people are moving to this country, many are planning to move. If you are one of them, then you need to get help from an Australian migration agent, so that you can simply get a visa without any problem. A migration agent will assist you with a suitable visa category according to your credentials.Well, Australia is the land of kangaroo’s and ranks in the top five industrial stones, coal, gold, silver, arsenic, uranium, and zinc. In comparison, Australia’s land area is five times greater than the United Kingdom, with electricity forces nearly comparable to China and Japan. There is water in any area where Australia takes the lowest point. Australia is the second driest region across the world.

Population and GDP

Australia is less populated as compared to the United Kingdom, so is the GDP, which is about $1 trillion. By comparison, the UK’s GDP is $2.4 trillion, but Australia’s weak GDP is going on for its 24 million citizens, and the UK needs to allocate to its 65 million populations. According to the study, Australia has 17th rank at $48,899 in 2016, while the UK ranked 25th at $42,481, in terms of GDP per capita.

Social Progress and Median Income

In social progress, Australia has 12th rank, whereas the UK has 13th rank. Australia is stronger in social progress as compared to the United Kingdom in such terms include-:
  • Personal rights
  • Personal safety
  • Basic medical care
  • Water and sanitation.
By total salary or median income, Australia ranks fourth in the world ranking with an estimated income of $46,555 for full-time residents. In comparison, the United Kingdom rates 19th with an annual family income of $31,617.If you want to migrate to Australia, then General skilled Migration is the most popular method. You can apply only after getting knowledge about every type of visa. There are several types of visas available such as-:Subclass 189 Visa, for skilled employees, who want to work in Australia in the relevant field under a qualified employer.Subclass 190 Visa, skilled workers can apply under this category after getting approval from the state government in Australia.

Benefits of Migrating to Australia

There are several benefits of migrating to Australia, such as-:
  1. You will find superb job opportunities in Australia.
  2. Robust economy
  3. You will find world-class educational facilities.
  4. In this country, you will simply find the Flexible as well as easy pathways to Permanent residency.

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