Closure of subclass 187 regional sponsored migration scheme from 16th Nov 2019

Closure of subclass 187 regional sponsored migration scheme from 16th Nov 2019

Education Embassy Brisbane, Latest 2019 update subclass 187 regional sponsored migration scheme: The subclass 187 regional migration scheme is soon to get waived off by 16th November 2019 and there will be introduced two-step process in place of it. Step 1: The employer needs the candidates to fulfill the following requirements. The candidate applying should:
  1. Be working full time, be genuine and likely to exist for at least five years
  2. Earn annually for not less than TSMIT $53,900, until and unless he is nominated under the Laborers Agreement stream
  3. Get his salary accepted by the RCB
  4. Be given 90 days to find another employer, if they cease employment with the earlier one
  5. Be genuine, as said before. Any misleading information that could lead to fraudulent action, would be considered ill and the visa of that candidate will get canceled.
  6. The family members of the candidate, who hold a subclass 494 visa already, shall be deemed to pass on that legacy to the candidate as well. And the obligations might lessen down.
  7. The applicant must be of good character and must have genuine intentions
  8. The nominated occupation must constitute to the 6-digit ANZSCO code
Step 2:
  1. The permanent residency visa process commences when Step 1 has got cleared.
  2. Only subclass 491 and 494 people holding a visa under it for a minimum period of 3 years, can apply for a permanent residency visa this route.
  3. Dependent children will also be included in this category if they were being given visas earlier. So now, even if the children are not staying with the parents are not dependent, this permanent visa still holds good for them. So that’s the big news.
  4. All candidates who have applied must satisfy the authorities of a good and genuine character and intention.
  5. This permanent residency visa shall be allowable and stay valid for up to 5 years.
Any RSMS applications under subclass 187 that have been lodged before 16th November 2019 will remain unaffected by such changes. The holders of subclass 457 and 482, are devoid of being considered under the scheme of the closure of the subclass 187 regional sponsored migration scheme from 16th Nov 2019. What do you mean by a regional area? Any areas that are falling apart from:
  1. Sydney
  2. Melbourne
  3. Brisbane
  4. The Gold Coast
  5. Perth
There are a few conditions attached to the above two new processes, that deem to come into action after the closure of subclass 187. They are as under:
  1. Notify the department about the changes that are to be made in the visa, regarding the candidate’s address, passport and contact details.
  2. The employer details also need to be changed.
  3. No other visa can be applied for if the candidate has applied for this one.
  4. The visa holder can move anywhere between the designated areas.
  5. If you do not comply with all the above terms and conditions, then your visa processing might be revoked and get canceled as a result of misconduct.
  6. If requested in writing by a minister, then the candidate requires to file in his updated residential address, communication details, employer’s details, etc
  7. If requested in writing by a minister, then the candidate might have to go through the procedure of an interview. This happens if the authorities feel like the case is dicey on some facts and considerations made. There is no use of getting panicky on it. But, the authorities just need to get it cleared from the candidate directly.
  8. While working under the subclass 494 visa grant, the candidate must only and only work for the position assigned and for the employer designated under, until and unless any legal requirement has been fulfilled and submitted to the minister required.
  9. The candidate must continue to hold the registered license under him.
Migration agents in Brisbane will be the right ones to assist you in this procedure. They have in-depth knowledge about the processes and can guide you step-by-step. It is always better to consult them.

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