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Steps You Need To Follow To Get Permanent Residency Through General Skilled Migration

Steps You Need To Follow To Get Permanent Residency Through General Skilled Migration


Australian migrants can get the permanent residency of Australia with a migrant visa or permanent resident visa and gets the chance to work in Australia for an indefinite time. As migrants are not citizens, they can get citizenship when they meet the requirements for getting permanent residency. Getting to Australia you can go through several ways to immigrate.

One who is having general skills can be eligible to apply for permanent residency. You can seek professional guidance from the migration agent Australia in case of having specific requirements. Or, if you wanted to get that done on your own then can follow the below-mentioned general steps which will help you to check your eligibility for General Skilled Migration Visa 189, Skilled Nomination Visa 190, or Skilled Migration Visa 491.

This is the simplified version of the process and for that, you need to follow the steps explained:

1. Be Specific About Your Occupation

This is the initial and most important step you need to follow where you need to pick and choose the occupation suited you best as per your previous education and work experience. You will get a list of occupations with immigrants to pick one for you and check your eligibility for applying for General Skilled Migration Visas. Make sure you make a correct and wise decision about occupation selection that matches your requirements. This is simple for some occupations, but possibly for some occupations, this will be a complex process and you can seek help from a professional immigration or migration agent in Australia at that time.

2. Skills Assessment

A positive skill assessment is a must when you apply for the General Skilled Migration Visa. This is a must requirement when you want to apply for these visas. With the skill assessment, immigration will be ensured about your work experience and education and how that meets with the Australian standards. When you go for a specific occupation then it has a pre-decided skill assessor. So, check for the suitable skill assessor for the occupation from the list. You can also check for the requirements on the skill assessment websites. Make sure you meet the education requirements and work experience along with a potential requirement that is English.

3. Inspect About The State Occupation List/ Visa Requirements

This is the utmost vital step when you are going to apply for the State Nominated Or regional Nominated Visa. When there is a shortage of skilled professionals for any specific profession, then the state or territory governments choose and nominate the skilled visa holder for those specific vacancies. This will be helpful for you to review the individual state or territory websites so that will let you know which professions are requirements along with specific requirements for the individual states (if any). Each state and territory may have different requirements and they needed the candidates accordingly.

4. Lodge The EOI ( Expression Of Interest) Or Points Test

After you have done with the fill skill assessment, you will receive the state lists where you can check the matched position suitable to your requirements. This is the time; you can lodge the expression of interest which is also known as the points test. To get an invitation to apply for the visa, the application needs to pass the points test. You have required scoring 65 points for submitting EOI for General Skilled Migration. Scoring higher points also increase your chance to receive an invitation. You can get done with the mock test to calculate your points or evaluate your knowledge. Some other criteria also give you extra points based on age, English ability, relationship status, education, and many more. With EOI, you can indicate which visa from 189, 491, or 190 you want to apply for along with which state you would like to be invited by.

5. Lodge Visa Application

When you receive the Nomination from the state/territory, then is the time you can lodge the actual visa application from the immigration account. At this point, you need to submit personal documents, education documents, evidence for your work experience, and some more.

Conclusion – Getting PR through the General Skilled Migration can indeed be a little tough, but the above mention process will prove helpful to you through the confusing process. Seeking professional help at the time is quite helpful. We, the education embassy is leading registered migration agents in Brisbane promise the clients to offer quality results to their applications. Our team of registered migration agents Brisbane understands your requirements and guides you with eth right process you need to follow when seeking a visa for Australia. For more information, you can contact us today and our team of immigration consultants will provide you with the best possible services.

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