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What are Key Steps & Requirements to Apply for Australian Study Visa?

What are Key Steps & Requirements to Apply for Australian Study Visa?

Every individual has a dream to live classy & settled in Abroad primarily Australia. If you want to get an Australian visa then you can go for a student visa. Moreover, students can also hire the best Migration Agents to get updated with the latest immigration rules & visa applications. Under this new immigration rule, the students have to apply for their student visa under subclass 500.What are the Important Specifications of Simplified Student Visa Framework?The newly introduced rule comes with a combined country policy and the paperwork has been discontinued permanently. Along with that, if you apply under the SSVF assessment, you will get your Student Visa.Some features of the New SSVF are as follows:
  • Nationality
The main feature of this framework is Nationality, everyone knows that passport identifies your nationality. Before applying for a student visa make sure that you have your proper identification with you. If an Indian student lives in the US and applies for a visa then it would be marked under high-risk levels.
  • Education Provider’s risk
Most of the Australian universities and colleges are blacklisted by the Australian government. DIBP has a special tool under which an international student would be checked via a regular/ streamlined process. Eligibility for Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)Now take a look at the basic courses that fall into the Improved SSVF.
  • Independent ELICOS Sector
  • Vocational Education & Training Courses
  • Higher Education Sector
  • Post Graduate Research Sector
Visa CostThe entire cost of applying all the subclass visas is AUD 606$. The government of Australia accepts several transaction methods like Credit cards of Master Card and American Express. Paying with a Credit card in AUD, you may incur various taxes and currency conversion fees and some other legal charges. According to that, you accept all the risk that is associated with country fluctuations. The validity of Student VisaThe validity of student visa applied under a simplified student visa framework is specified via the following stats:Course Duration
  • Longer than 10 months ending up in Nov/Dec.
  • Longer than 10 months but finishing up in Jan and Oct.
  • Lesser than 10 months.
Visa Validity
  • The duration of your visa will be valid up to one month after your course completion
  • The duration of your visa would be 2 months after your course.
  • Valid Till March 15 of that year.
Basic Documents Required For Australia Study VisaTo apply for the Australian Study visa, candidates should have proper documents including their educational summary from any renowned college or university.Requirements of documents are listed below:For Full-Time StudyDocuments1. Valid Passport2. Non- Immigrant Visa Application3. Application Fee Payment Receipt4. Confirmation of Enrollment Form5. Acceptance Letter6. Overseas health insurance receipt7. Digital Photographs8. Educational certificates9. Statement of Purpose (SOP)10. Financial Capacity Statement

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