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What are the steps to speed up the Australian Partner visa application?

What are the steps to speed up the Australian Partner visa application?

Partner Visa Application The Australian partner visa (Subclass 820) allows the spouse of an Australian PR or citizen to live in Australia permanently. With the partner visa, the pathway to a permanent partner visa (Subclass 801). This is followed by the route to the Australian permanent residency. Every year, Australia grants around 50,000 partner visas. The process is complex and there is a need for all the essential documents so that the visa approval process is done correctly. The best way to make sure the entire process is done correctly is to take the help of the Migration agent in Brisbane. How to speed up the partner visa application? The entire process of partner visa application needs time and to speed up the entire process you must have all the essential documents. The application needs to be submitted with all the documents so that you can get the desired outcomes. The Australian partner visa application costs a lot and it has a fee of around $7,160. When you submit the decision-ready application it will ensure that the wait time is cut down. Currently, the partner visa application is around 17 to 21 months. Given below are some of the top factors which will help to speed up the Partner visa application:
  • Submit all the documents with the right character and identity.
  • Proof if committed and genuine relationships need to be submitted to get the partner visa.
  • The character requirements need to be met by the sponsor. Additionally, the sponsor should not have sponsored anyone in the last 5 years.
  • There is a need to give evidence that you are in a long-term and committed relationship. Submit the written statements mentioning that you know each other’s families and know about their background.
  • Proof of submission which mentions about the financial abilities. You need to submit the savings, investments, or bank account documents.
  • You need to share the proof that both the partners share the responsibilities of the house. You can include the lease agreements, utility bills, and mortgage.
  • You need to show proof of how you interact with the social circle as a couple. You need to give proof of joint activities, travel, and joint invitations.
  • You need to give proof of how you met each other and how your relationship got developed.
You need to take the help of the migration agent as they guide you in a better manner what type of documents you need and when you need to submit them to get the visa on time. The migration program of family includes around 57,400 visas and the partner visa has around 47,825 visas. Consult the immigration agent and they will facilitate you through the entire process. Of partner visa application

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