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Small Business Owner Comparison- 491 Visa- A Way to Get Australian PR

Small Business Owner Comparison- 491 Visa- A Way to Get Australian PR

Small Business owners 491 visas are away when you are looking for PR with state or territory nomination for skilled migrants. Regional provisional skilled visa SC 491 makes the small business owners a way to start the state nomination process. On the other hand, a primary applicant needs to have an occupation from the list of eligible occupations. You can only lodge an application or need state approval or approval from the territory to support this program.

You need to submit an EOI/ROI in the selected state to prove your eligibility for the nomination application. After the nomination is granted, you have to lodge the visa documents in 60 days. The skilled migration program in Australia is popular among migrants as this is a popular and easy idea to seek permanent residency in Australia.

This is the reason the huge number of candidates around the world, apply for the Skilled Migration Program, this is also a reason to make this program even more competitive. People who are currently residing in Australia and do not meet the state or territory requirements but wanted to own a business can use the Small Business Owner plan to claim their permanent residency.

Visa SC 491 for small business owners is a provisional visa that makes the business owners able to work and stay in the regional part of the selected state for five years. You need to be eligible for SC 191 Permanent residency visa with a minimum earned income of $53,000 for at least three years before asking for the PR in Australia. This process is split and explained into three stages:

  • Stage 1- The visa applicant must be in Australia and have the right to work.
  • Stage 2- Subclass 491 temporary visa for 5 years.
  • Stage 3- Subclass 191 permanent visa with 3 years of eligible income or running a business.

Other Basic Requirements For SC 491 For Small Business Owner

  • Prime applicants should age below 45
  • Passed English competent test
  • Nominated by the state or territory for an occupation from the eligible list
  • Compulsory skills assessment
  • Subclass 491 visa only
  • Available for Onshore applicants only
  • Minimum EOI 65 points (including state nomination15 points)
  • You need to be in Australia at the time of application Operated business in State/ territory when you wanted sponsorship from state/territory

Small Business Owner Stream in Tasmania

Applicants in Tasmania needs to qualify with the below-mentioned requirements:
  • Complete ownership of the business
  • Owned business for at least 6 months
  • Business needs to earn at least 53,900 AUD every year before tax
  • A complete ownership is required as franchise or co-ownership will be not be accepted
  • You can’t be a service provider, own a massage clinic, or own a taxi/uber

Small Business Owner Stream in Queensland

Applicants in Queensland needs to qualify with the below-mentioned requirements:

  • You must have complete work rights in Australia ( SC 485 visa holder or co-holder of SC 482 visa)
  • An existed business owned in regional Queensland
  • Home businesses or start-ups will not be approved
  • If you have a Franchise, then operating with that for at least a year before purchase
  • Complete ownership
  • Being submitted to EOI, over 100,000 plus AUD invested in the business
  • 6 months or more trading in business before application
  • Employ an Australian resident who works for you at least 20 hours per week
  • Submit the proves for sufficient settlements

Small Business Owner Stream In South Australia

Applicants in South Australia needs to qualify with the below-mentioned requirements:
  • An established and completely operational business in SA for at least 2 years
  • Entrepreneurial skilled migrants with the business with their name
  • Applicant needs to reside in SA for last 2 years
  • Businesses will be preferred who work for the priority growth industry sectors
  • Businesses will be preferred who employed the +2 employees as their full-time worker
  • The business earns at least 53,900AUD every year before tax
  • The business structure included partnership, sole trading, trusts, and company
  • Having a Franchise will not give you eligibility under the case
  • Australian Capital Territory

    • Business needs to be located in the Australian Capital Territory
    • Applicant needs to have major ownership of the business
    • For the small business owner category, Australian capital territory is applicable
    • If you are in business including delivery, taxi, ride-share, sub-tenancy, and courier services then considered non-eligible
    • If you have used the on-sold business which is used for ACT nomination then will not get eligibility
    • Applicants with nomination occupations need not be on the ACT Critical Skills List

    Conclusion – Applicants, who are seeking PR in Australia, then can use the limited but considered options for the business owners in regional areas. The Subclass 491 small business owner is the correct way to move on. To discuss the matter in detail you can seek advice from the migrant agents from your area.
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