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Skilled Visas Can Be the Pathway to Work in Australia

Skilled Visas Can Be the Pathway to Work in Australia

The Australian job market got an increase in demand for foreign employees. The current notification from the Department of Home Affairs about the migration programs for 2020-2021 will continue into 2021-2022. It means the candidate applying for a skilled visa in Australia will get better work opportunities under the scheme. It proves to be a welcoming experience for any individual who has the dream to work and stay in Australia. If you are aspiring to work in Australia, then you can enjoy the benefits of the visa. Now, most of the applicants are seeking answers to the questions like what are the main skilled visas. Is it allowing you entrance into Australia? and many more. Many applicants want to apply for the employer-considered and General Skilled Migration visa programs. The important schemes under the same include Skilled Independent subclass 189, Nominated Visa 190, and Employer nomination scheme subclass 186. With this different general skilled migration visa, one can apply for the Permanent Residency Pathway. Here explained are the detailed differences between these visas and the essential information associated.

Differentiate between the Skilled Visas In Australia

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (subclass 186)

For this visa, the applicants need to be selected by the Australian employer. It is employer sponsor based, and you are allowed to work only after receiving that. The criteria for the Employer Sponsored Visa 186, the age of the applicant must be less than 45 years, meet the qualifications requirements and have skills to become eligible. Along with that, the applicant needs to pass the language test. In case, any one of these requirements is unfulfilled, then you will not allow applying for GSM via a skilled independent visa. The three important streams under the Subclass 186 include Labour Agreement Stream, Direct Entry Stream, and Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

Skilled Independent Visa

This visa type is not included in the GSM category. It is applicable for talented candidates who secure the Subclass 189 visa on a merit basis. They don’t require the employer or state territory sponsorship for a visa. The criteria for the skill set, age limit (below 45 years), language test (English proficiency), and knowledge are there and along with that, he must manage a job on a merit basis. So, the applicant must score at least 65 points o be eligible for the visa.

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190
This visa type comes under the GSM visa. Subclass 189 and subclass 190 are quite similar when the talk is about the requirements for the same. There is one difference that to subclass 189, the Nominated Visa gives the employer authority to choose the candidate from the Australian state or territory. For an invitation, the candidate has to pass an English proficiency test and score at least 65 points.

Visa Validity

Soon after your visa is approved and valid, subclass 186, subclass 189, and subclass 190 visa holders allow the applicant to live and work in Australia. The permit holders can enter and remain in Australia indefinitely which is considered their date of confirmation.


Subclass 189 skilled independent applicants with the professions on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupations list are allowed to enter Australia when they receive nearly 65 pints (PMSOL). PMSOL and labor market testing are a must for the skilled worker’s sponsorship. They are allowed to go to Australia and fill the positions in the required sectors. It is a double benefit program, one, it will support the Australian economy recovery, and second, the skilled candidates wanted their future in Australia can get new jobs there. If your profession is listed on the MLTSSL (medium and long-term strategic skills list), you must receive 90-100 points to be invited for Subclass 189.

Processing Time

With the Direct Entry Stream and Temporary Residence Transaction Stream, the processing time for the Subclass 186 visas are about 1 year and 8 months respectively for more than 75% of applications. The waiting period for the Direct Stream is 19 months, and the Temporary residence Stream is 16 months for about 90% of applications. The processing time for Subclass 190 ad Subclass 189 are the same, and the processing for about 75% of the applications is completed over six months.


Working and living in Australia is dream come true, and if you are aspiring for a job in Australia, then skilled visas can be the pathway to that for you. Talented professionals got the chance to get employment and get the benefits of permanent residency with an employer sponsor and general skilled migration visas in Australia. Looking for similar opportunities, Education Embassy is your leading registered migration agents. Our migration agents can guide you with the application and process. For more information, you can contact us today!

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