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Do you want to know everything about the Skilled Migrant Permanent Residence Visa?

Do you want to know everything about the Skilled Migrant Permanent Residence Visa?

A skilled migrant visa enables skilled or experienced people to work in Australia and live there. If you want to apply under this category, then you need to go with SkillSelect, which is a General Professional Migration program in Australia. It is a point-based scheme, which is the most common method for qualified workers to apply for visas.

Skilled workers from selected occupations and professions can apply for Australian permanent residence on the basis of their skills alone via the SkillSelect pathway. That means they do not need an employer to sponsor them.

The Australian Government changes from time to time the types of skilled professions on the required lists. These changes are reflecting Australia’s shifting supply and demand for specific skills.

Skilled migrant visa subclasses

Under a number of subclasses, there are different types of skilled migrant visas. To know to get detailed information about these visa types, you need to visit our migration agents in Brisbane.

  • Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189

  • Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190.

Both visa classes allow you to live and work permanently in Australia. The Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 is, as the name suggests, a visa available to applicants who do not require an employer’s sponsorship, nor a government of Australia’s state or territories.

The Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190 is open to applicants who meet the criteria or requirements to be sponsored by a government of a state or territory.

There is a conditional point-tested skilled migration visa that requires the applicant to stay and work for up to four years in Australia. This is the Skilled Regional Visa subclass 489 and requires sponsorship by either a government of a state or territory or a relative living in a given area.

How do you get skilled migrant visas?

You can start the process of obtaining a skilled migrant visa once you have identified which occupation is relevant to your qualifications and experience. The procedure for securing a skilled migrant visa is identical across the different subclasses of visas. The process would be as follows:

  • Obtain a skills assessment that shows your qualifications and relevant work experience positively to your appointed profession.

  • Ensure that you have reached the minimum number of points needed at the time of lodging EOI. The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) rejects the extra cut-off points for jobs where the market is lower.

  • Lodge your EOI through SkillSelect.

  • Skilled Subclass 190 Nominated Visa only: be nominated by a government of a state or territory. The process varies by state or territory.

  • After you have obtained the invitation, you have 60 days to request a visa application through the SkillSelect site.

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