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Everything you need to know about Skilled and Business Migration re-opening 2020

Everything you need to know about Skilled and Business Migration re-opening 2020

Are you waiting for a long time to lodge for the skilled or business visa application? Well, the right time has come. This is true that COVID has affected greatly the entire system and the nominations have been stopped due to this. The government even delayed the budget until October. This is the reason business and skilled visas were not opened on July 1 because no decision was taken. If you are wondering what next step you need to take then get in touch with our migration agents in Brisbane to make an informed decision on what you need to do. Interim Allocation of Skilled and Business Places Each State and Territory have been given the interim allocation of business and skilled visas which allows the people to do the nomination in October. ● First of all, the total allocated numbers are small, and they are enough to allow for the migration activity for the budget. The exact numbers are not known but the state is going to be careful about the nominations so that the Australian economy can be benefited. ● Secondly, it is something which has not happened before, and the strict conditions are there on the occupations. The one present in the critical sectors will be given the benefit. Given below might be the critical sectors in response to the COVID-19: – Specialist medical services – Medical technology – Critical Infrastructure – Telecommunications – Engineering and Mining – Supply Chain Logistics – Agricultural Technology – Food production – Maritime industry It is also stated that the following sectors will be included so that the Australian economy can be benefited due to the impact of pandemics: ● Financial technology ● Large Scale Manufacturing ● Film and Television Production ● Emerging Technology Till the time the further announcement is made, it is not certain which occupations are going to be for the sponsorship. However, it is sure that the occupations which are going to be included are going to be in regards which help the industry sectors. Additionally, the business skills visas are going to be given priority so that the business gets aligned towards these important sectors. Re-Alignment of the Skilled Occupation Lists It is known that the government is going to revise the SOL (Skilled occupation list) which includes the following: ● Regional Occupation List (ROL) ● Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) ● Medium Long Term Skills Shortage List (MLTSSL) It should have happened in March but due to COVID, it is going to happen next year. Keeping in mind the current situation, it is expected that the changes are going to be a lot different. Preserving jobs are important for Australians to ensure that the employment system does not fail. Giving the migrants the opportunity is going to benefit the Australian economy greatly. What do you need to do? When the state re-opens it is expected that the demand will increase. The ones who are going to apply for the skilled visa should have a positive skill assessment and the required points they need.

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