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Seeking Your Resident Return Visa Australia

Seeking Your Resident Return Visa Australia

The resident return visa in Australia is an important visa option for permanent residents. The importance of the same is more when your travel validity is expired and you are not in Australia. When your visa is not valid and you can’t enter Australia. Having the Resident Return Visa Australia is a helpful idea in that case. This visa plays a significant role that makes the person allow returning to Australia even when their travel visa is no more valid during the time he is not in the country. The Visa comes in two subclasses and any permanent or ex-permanent resident of Australia can seek help from the visa.

What is Resident Return Visa?

The resident return visas subclass 155 and 157 give chance to the permanent residents of Australia to travel back to their country when they are not in the country and their visa expired. Be sure when the travel validity of your Australian visa is no more valid. Having the same will support you in the problematic situation where you want to come back to Australia but due to the expiry of the visa, you can’t able to make that. This will help you regain your validity and back to Australia.

Check The Eligibility Criteria For The Resident Return Visas

To make sure you are eligible for the resident Return Visas Subclass 155 and 157, you should be an Australian permanent resident. In some cases, the ex-residents of Australia, who are currently not a resident of Australia can seek a visa. For those, they can ask for a visa with these eligibility criteria.
  • A permanent resident of Australia
  • If you are an ex-permanent resident of Australia then must have a permanent visa holder currently
  • Australian ex citizen whose Australian citizenship is lost or abandoned


These are general eligibility criteria that make residents, as well as ex-residents of Australia, get back to Australia with a Resident Return Visa. Along with that, you require more documents for support.

Why Does an Australian Permanent Resident Require for A Resident Return Visa?

Australian citizenship gives you the right to enter Australia. The travelers or other non-residents in Australia have to return to their country after their visa is expired and every time before entering Australia, they need to seek a visa for supporting their entry. The permanent resident visa can be used to travel abroad and come back to Australia for five years. This remains valid for five years from the date of the visa grant. When the time is completed, the resident must get the resident Return Visa which is again valid for five years. With this visa, an applicant can be able to travel abroad and come back to Australia. Before applying you must live in Australia for two or more years within five years in Australia. Some other requirements for the same include:


  • Permanent resident of Australia
  • An ex-resident of Australia whose permanent visa is not canceled
  • A former Australian resident, who lost or resigned their citizenship of Australia.

Can You Include Family In The Resident Return Visas?

No, this visa allows the entry of the individual only to Australia and you are not able to include the family members with Resident Return Visa Subclass 155 and 157. In case, your family members meet the above-mentioned eligibility criteria then they can apply for the same visa separately. If you want to process the applications together, they can mention the same in the application form.

How Long This Visa Is Valid? What Happens in Case the Passport Is Expired?

The Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155) is valid for 5 years and you need to meet the requirements including your Australian permanent residency, 2 years of stay in Australia, two years of residence requirements, and hold in the cultural, business, and employment, or personal strings to Australia. People who want to travel internationally can seek the Resident Return Visa valid for only three months with subclass 157. This visa will support the visit for a shorter period. In case, your passport is expired during the time, then no issues, your visa will be still valid for the case. You can pay the additional processing fees and reissued and stamped in your new passport and then can travel with both your passports (the new one and expired one) along with your Resident Return visa.

How To Apply for Resident Return Visa

You can apply for the resident return visa whether you are in Australia or outside Australia. This can also be applied online. Some of the documents required to support your application include:

  • Copies of your passport
  • The certified copies of your identification proofs
  • Your immigration status stating the evidence for your current resident visa or ex-resident’s visa
  • Your ties with Australia include your resident’s requirements, employment details, business state, and personal and cultural information.

How Long Does the Visa Processing Take?

For the permanent residents who are asking for the resident return visa from within Australia, this application processes generally in one business day. When you are applying for a visa from outside Australia, then possibly the process will take around two weeks to process. For former permanent residents who apply this from inside Australia, the processing time for the application is six to nine months. The applicants who are applying from outside Australia when filing applications have to wait for nine to twelve months to process the application.

The Cost for The Resident Return Visa?

The costs for both the subclasses are different. Also, if you are filling the application online or on paper then also cost for the application will differ. The online application filling fees for the resident return visa is AUD 410 and if then post your application by mail, then it is AUD 90.


A valid visa is required to have when you want to be in Australia or get back to Australia. A resident return visa is an option for the Australian n permanent residents to get the chance to back to the country even if their visa is expired. Education Embassy is one of the leading registered migration agents in Australia. We helped many applicants with their visa process. For your personalized requirements or difficulty in the process, you can contact us today!

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